So I have 2 tournaments coming up in the next few months, first a Guild Ball one which is easy as I am trying to learn the Alchemists so no issue there.

I do however have my first Malifaux event of the year coming up down at the grid.. Some of you will know I have struggled to play Malifaux at the moment. Too many options has left me very meh as to  what to play. Thankfully I have set myself a challenge for ‘Shattered Heart’ only play one master for all 3 rounds.

So one master and with that I have narrowed down to 4 possibilities really; Levi, Jack Daw, Hoffman and Ironsides. I am going to discount Levi and Jack Daw as I spent a good chunk (for me) in 2015 on Outcasts and I don’t fancy slipping back into them so quickly.

That leaves me with Hoff and Toni. At the moment I am still not sure which one to go with, both are different from what I have played before and look great fun to play. At the moment Toni is winning but it may come down to what I have painted come the event 🙂


So apparently Frostgrave has literally gone insane across the various social media I deal with (and at the LGC). So naturally I may have jumped on board. Some of you may know I am selling off my Convergence and sticking with just Mercs for Warmachine, but instead of selling it all I am recycling some of it for Frostgrave. At the moment I have some mad ideas for repaints but the idea overall is to have a Chronomancer as my wizard. I have no idea if they are any good in the game but it will be a fun little project for me 🙂

Gaining Grounds 2016

In more faux news, the new schemes in the GG document are worth looking into as they are really going to shake up the game. Even if there are strong similarities to the normal schemes these are going to be fun..

Marvel Game

The other thing that has got me excited is the news that Knight Models are dropping a new game just for Marvel universe. This has me pretty excited as although I love Batman, I prefer the Marvel Universe to DC. So I will be keeping my eye on this to see where it goes, as painting these generally clean, bright minis will be a hell of a challenge for me.

Games Played

One game of Guild Ball this week, against Alex and his crazy Masons build. I lost 6-12 but couple of rolls here and there and I could have been closer. In other news Midas with Concussion is pretty nice.

Painting and Hobby

Back on the Malifaux trail now I have some aims so hopefully I can go fully painted assuming I actually nail down a master… I have also been painting more of my Armada stuff which I am loving, even the millions of tiny squadron models..

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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