Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Esters

Can you hear the singing yet? No?! That’s because she isn’t finished yet. Welcome to the first Captain of season 2 in the shape of Esters the boss lady of the brewers.


She is about on par with the other Brewers (barring Friday) so she is not going to get somewhere fast. But this is boostable when needed, she has standard DEF and ARM for the larger models in the game. Her TAC is average but due to her small playbook she can wrap around without any bonuses if she hits with it all. Her KICK is pretty good but the range is a little low. So she fits in nicely into midfield role she will be generally taking part in.

Her INF for a captain is about average but unlike others she doesn’t have a high top end, so at least she isn’t that greedy unlike others.

Character Traits

Gluttonous Mass – Not one to mention a ladies size, but this makes her very INF expensive to hit but also if she can counter-attack she has easy access to Knock down;

Empowered Voice – Once a turn she can give a little boost to a friendly model nearby, this can be either speed (+2”), strength (+1 DMG to playbook) or Agility (+1 DEF). All of these are really useful and can in the right situation make a huge difference. Suddenly Hooper and Stoker don’t miss Tapper or Friday can roam independently without her Granddad Spigot.

Heroic Play

Soothing Voice – Now we have seen this play in the Guild thanks to Hemlock but now we have it as a Heroic play and a pulse around esters. This means if there is any MPs on the board it is pointless playing the condition game anywhere near her. It also makes the team that little bit more durable (not that they need the help).

Legendary Play

It’s not over until.. – This allows her to activate Empowered Voice three times instead of the standard once. The possibilities of handing out extra DEF/MOVE/DMG to half the team are pretty special. Or you can also stack all 3 types onto one model to get the job done! The utility of this can’t be ignored. However timing of it is going to be so important more so than any other Legendary play we have seen so far. The likes of Ox and Shark are always going to get mileage out of theirs no matter how many are caught in the bubble. This however will need to be careful about as it will telegraph what you are hoping for a bit more.


She has easy access to MPs as she has momentous results on every column. She does average damage across the book (but can be boosted if you wish, potential for 10 damage if you are VERY lucky). She also has reasonable access to Knock down (column 3) like all Brewers. Plus with plenty of pushes around as well should you need it.


Blast Earth – Costs 2 INF and the models hit under the AoE take a small amount of damage and the AoE stays around as rough ground. Great way of slowing down the opponent, or just closing off an area of the pitch to be really useful to anyone.

Fire Blast – Costs 2 INF and again models under the AoE hit take a small amount of damage and Burning. The AoE also sticks around to cause some more Burning (I heard Mash is not happy with how much Stoker has been hanging around).

The 2 AoEs together actual make for a decent way to funnel people around the pitch and it is INF neutral in that she can use both of Plays plus her Voice to allow her to still move a decent pace without taking INF from the rest of the team..


A classic midfield presence for the Brewers in a support way rather than smash way of Tapper. She is great at dictating the field with 2 speed debuff AoEs (the damage is just the bonus of them).

However she does give you so hard choices, as Tapper usually goes first to start the pain train. Whereas Esters can go first to buff the team with her Voice or she can go later to offer condition removal. Whichever way she goes, she needs to be in the centre of the team helping out with those buffs, her decent KICK and as always knock downs.

She plays very differently to Tapper, however you can still play the hitty team as the +1DMG for free is almost on par with commanding aura but her ability to boost the squishier members for goal scoring plays is also going to be very popular.

Basically the result of either Tapper or Esters will be the same, you will be scoring goals and Knocking people down all over the place how you get there is ever so different. Brewers are in for some tough choices 🙂

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