The first Beared-itorial of the new year, welcome back everyone 🙂 hopefully you are all back into the grove of normal life after the madness of Christmas.

Well the big news this week is we got out first look at the new AoS Dwarves or FyreSlayers or whatever it is…

I have to say I am a little taken with them, maybe its the idea of finally having plastic slayers (or a slayer army like the good old days with the axe throwing thingy) or maybe I already have a fun scheme to use on them. In the shape of monochrome dwarves with lots of OSL metals and fire.

OK I am not a huge fan of Salamanders at the moment but I am willing to wait to see better pictures of them (360s etc). Apparently 2016 is going to be the weird year in which I drift back into systems left behind…Bizzare.

Games Played

I did manage to play some Guild Ball in a pub last week which was a great laugh, my Alchemists running out winners against the Brewers 12-10.

I also am back on the Malifaux wagon as well, but my plans are already out the window 🙂 I was aiming to run NB for the start of the year BUT I was just not feeling them at all. This has meant I have shifted to Arcanists.

So I got a game with Marcus vs Perdita this week and came out 10-7 winner in a very bloody game. Apparently I have the worlds most flukey Rogue necromancy! Not only did he take down Franc and Perdita (with some Alpha-ing in there as well) he only lost 4 wounds. Thats right the cards completely deserted Rich for a round and apparently that is all that was needed to survive.

Painting and Hobby

So I have been busy painting up my Guild Ball teams, the butchers and brewers are complete and are just waiting on new season 2 players now. Morticians are all being painted as wrestlers which has been great fun.

I am going to try something different for my Alchemists we will have Herr Doktor Midas and his troop of inhumans. So military look to the team, hopefully I can get a hat for a couple of them 🙂

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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