The Alchemist Formula/Tinkering The Engineers – Compound

Back to the alchemist lab, and we find a new big guy in the form of Compound


For a guy of his size he moves pretty fast, Nice TAC, average DEF and ARM. His kick is petty average for the game and he brings average INF to the game.

Character Traits

Rush Keeper – A new rule for season two. While he is within 4″ of your goal, and unengaged, he can charge enemy that wander to close to your goal. Nice ability!

Noxious Death – When he is taken out, models within 3″ take three damage and gain the poison condition.

Gluttonous Mass– Compounds a big lad, so the first time he is hit by an enemy attack or play he ignores it. Nice ability that keeps Compound in the game.


Plenty of options for generating momentum, with a small amount of damage. He does have easy to reach Tackles (keeper after all) and his knockdowns although harder to get to, with his ability to charge about for free while near the goal means they are possible to get.


Chemical Resist – Cost 1, RNG 4″. Target model can ignore the first Poison or Burning condition it receives in the turn

Horrific Odour – Cost 1 RNG S, Aura 6″. Enemy models have to pay one additional Influence to make a kick. Doubles up nicely with Rush Keeper.


Compound is a great addition to either teams line up. With Armour and Gluttonous Mass he is tougher to take out than he first appears.

I wouldn’t let Rush Keeper and Horrific Odour to fool you into keeping him at the back in all games. In some match ups he can play very well in a defensive midfield role, where you can hover up balls that come near and generally just get in the way, I say this because sometimes leaving someone far back can hurt as you are almost playing with 1 player less. Especially when he has decent reach as well.

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