Beared-itorial – EoY 2015

Well its the end of the year nearly.

This will be my last post of any real content till the new year as I am off to have much food and drink.


First up Wargamers All Against Cancer has again gone beyond my expectations and we now have a rolling total of over £12000 raised for MacMillan which is huge thank you all who took part; be it in donating cash/models/time you have made a little bear very happy 🙂

2015 Gaming

My gaming for the year has certainly pointed that 2015 was another year of Malifaux, with over 50 games played at events (3 of them), with my mate or on Vassal. It is certainly a nice healthy total I have to say hitting nearly 1 a week.

But we had a pretender to the throne coming up on the outside late year in the shape of Guild Ball with it being popular locally and everywhere based on my twitter feed. With Vassal also being popular like Malifaux and actual local events means I have managed to get in around 30 games (2 events) for this as well.

So why these 2 in particular? well both of them allow myself and the usual opponent get a game in with the little ones asleep without too much set up, which is incredibly important. While at the local club I can easily get 2 games of Guild ball on game night so both are helping me actually be a gamer as well as a collector and painter.

Vassal is the real champion though as it has helped me play loads of people I wouldn’t necessarily get to play which is a great help especially with Malifaux, where the local scene is non-existent at the moment.

2016 Gaming

So what does this mean for 2016?

Well I am hoping to have more of rotation going on with my systems to give everything a chance to be played, maybe on a monthly basis. Hopefully this is the only thing I am aiming to do for the coming year. Use all of my collection 😉

I am also hoping to go to a few more tournaments, 5 in total this year is a good total but 1 or 2 more wouldn’t go a miss ;).

2016 Systems

Systems wise I think I am pretty set up for 2016.

Malifaux has matured nicely into M2E so more games of that of course will happen with Neverborn being the faction I am starting with. We all know I jump around a lot but the aim is to stick in the most part with them for the first half of the year. Initially with Lilith and Collodi but lets not forget Pandora and Dreamer as well..

40K it will be just about actually painting some Eldar. I still plan to finish them so I can actually say in my life I finished a 40K army….some day!!

Hordes has gone for me now, I am a one-sided WM/H player now. Which leaves me with Warmachine with my CoC and Merc armies though and they should keep me going for the forseeable future..

Freebooters Fate again is a great little game but finding the time to play has proved difficult I am not giving up on it though..

Guild ball I will be getting ready for Season 2 like everyone else but with most of my games being with Butchers and Brewers I am going to sub them out for Morticians and Alchemists for a while see how I get on with them.

Star Wars Armada so this is a bit left field but I enjoy the imaginary of it all and can grow slowly with this one. As I doubt I will go down the competitive route with these.

New 2016 Systems

The obvious one is Infamy: the big smoke which we have models for after the Kickstarter, we are now just waiting on the rules to get playing. So looking forward to that.

Next is Mythos by the Paranoid Mini guys and that will be kickstarting at salute. It certainly sounds like a fun game, so will be keeping my eye on that.

Time will tell I suppose as who knows what else will land in 2016. But with Specialist Games reappearing it’s going to be an interesting one.

But for now enjoy the break and if you celebrate Christmas may it be spent with loved ones and may Santa grant you some new shiny things 😀

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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