Guild Ball 11-a-side

So last night myself and Martin tried something a little bit silly…

11-a-side Guild ball now this was a test to see how things went, as I have crazy ideas for a WAAC2016 vassal event using game variations. So what does 22 players look like on the pitch?


We played slighty different team set-ups to see how things went. I took nothing but Morticians and made it up with Union choices they are allowed.

While Martin took a split team (like the Battlehammer guys have done before), so Primary team of Engineers (6 players) and a secondary team (5 players) from Fishermen. We said as Fangtooth was a Fishy player his Heroic play only effected them when he popped it.

The Game finished 12-6 to the EnginFish with all points from take outs.


So here are some thoughts we have had after this;

The game is still amazing to play and credit it Matt and Rich that it holds up under this madness. However the ball is just not viable at all as a piece to get VP from as it is impossible to get set up with so much beef on the table. Beyond some passing in my own area there was no real way of getting the ball up into a threatening position before it was swallowed up into the mass.

Legendary plays are nuts at this level, when usually Ballistas play will hurt but only kill weakened players. With the number of pushes from the Fish team it grew to possibly silly levels and I think other LPs will have similar effect.

So in a very quick summary;

  1. Mechanic of the game stands up well
  2. Legendary Plays go through the roof especially (de)buff ones
  3. The ball is not really a viable option

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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