Tinkering the Engineers – Hoist

Ever feel like you need a pick me up? Well the Engineers will be able to Hoist you back to the feel goodness….I am so sorry terrible pun (not sorry).


Pretty average MOV and a great KICK would have been awesome but the range is a little too average. He has average DEF and comes with ARM. His TAC is also average as is his INF stat. A decent enough midfielder that should be able to feed strikers well.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Makes it that little bit harder to throw out big damage. However don’t expect him to tank as with 11 wounds he wont stay around for long, however;

Reanimate – Once a turn (and every turn) when reduced to 0 wounds, he regains 3 wounds and remove all conditions. Which makes him that little bit harder to take out and little more INF intensify to do so.

Sturdy – Keeping in the same vein, he ignores the first time he would get knocked down once a turn. Making it pretty hard to keep him down (literally).


He has access to plenty of pushes and dodges in his play book. He also has access to an easy momentous tackle, he also has little momentous damage which is nice to have around.


True Replication – Costs 0 INF, allows him to borrow a friendly model character play for the turn. Which is great to have as it makes him so versatile, it is worth noting where the Guild Ball (2 hits) and double Gulid Ball (4 hits) are on his playbook, when selecting plays.


Fast moving, play stealing midfielder for the Engineers. He is hard to pin down and will be a great way of getting hold of the ball and feeding Velocity.

True replication makes him the swiss army bot of the engineers he has some much potential to use different plays he can really be anything you need him to be.

There are plenty of goodness that I cant even begin to say what is best as it is all situation. The one issue you will have is he needs to be near the right player at the right time, so he is by no means easy to use

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4 thoughts on “Tinkering the Engineers – Hoist

  1. Drained also just makes him one of very few non-captains that can get 5 inf. With TAC5 and the Momentous push-dodge on a 2, he can do a lot of very mean things with that 5 and can, for example, give a big middle finger to Fangtooth. Generally, Sturdy is incredible for dealing with Parting Blows and opponents whose main defense is KD counterattacks.

      1. I’ve only used him twice so far but in neither game did I really want it. Tried it in one of them for kicks but actually missed… was hoping to bait Flint into range turn 1 but only had Snakeskin or Harmony to choose from instead.

        It’s especially difficult to find a good time to use it in Engineers when 5 Inf = 2-4 momentum + damage and useful effects pretty much regardless of the board state. We should Vassal it out some time!

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