#warmonger of the Year 2015

What is a #warmonger?

The #warmongers are THE community of wargamers on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter and play tabletop wargames then chances are you’re a warmonger and don’t even know it. Search for #warmongers and you’ll quickly find the usual suspects. Make yourself known and you’ll quickly be welcomed into the fold.

What is #warmonger of the Year?

The #warmongers are an extraordinarily supportive group of people who nurture the hobby in all its forms for fellow hobbiests from all over the world be it with hobby tips, answering rule or background queries or generally being on hand for a natter or friendly bit of banter.

As such a year ago I thought it only right that the very best #warmonger be rewarded for their efforts in supporting a community that, at last count, was approaching 500 active Twitter users. It’s simply too special a thing to go unnoticed.

Previous winners are the terrible distinguished and decent @docbungle (me) & @NigelSBartlett, both hard working and committed members of the #warmongers community.

So all you need to do, to make sure your favourite #warmonger becomes #warmonger of the Year is vote for them by completing the form below. And I’d be really grateful if you could take a minute to explain your reasons why as a post will go up on Christmas Day announcing the winner and it’ll include some of those reasons. And don’t nominate yourself. No one wants to be that guy.

The person with the most nominations – and good reasons – will be made #warmonger of the Year 2015. In the event of a tie I will base my decision on the strength of the reasons given. My decision is final.

Nominations will be open until midday GMT on the 24th December and the #warmonger of the Year will be announced ASAP afterwards. And as a show of our appreciation the lucky #warmonger MAY get a prize depending if I can rustle one up.

To vote please use the link below (and fill in the form).

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