Raising the Morticians (S2) – Bonesaw

Season 2 has started for the dirty Morticians and they have themselves a striker at last and he is on a 50mm base. But is Mist out of a job? Let us see…Its BS time!


He has reasonable speed although he still wont keep up with the really fast. His TAC is rubbish hits like a mascot!! His DEF is average with no ARM and his INF is also average for guild ball. His KICK is pretty good, not super striker level put he will do a job for you.

Character Traits

Slippery – Makes him harder to hit as he moves away

Offensive Defence – The first time he scores a goal you gain +1 DEF for the remainder of the game. This pushes his DEF up to very good. So if you can get that goal with him it does boost him significantly.

Football Dervish – When he passes a ball you can spend a momentum to instead pass the ball back to Bonesaw instead of a teamwork action. This actually is pretty powerful as you can still gain a MP from the pass back BUT more importantly it allows him to take a push from the pass (teamwork action). This actually means he is that little bit faster than you realise and it can push his threat range into the supper striker range.

Heroic Play

Swift Wind – For the cost of a MP, he gets to ignore round terrain like glide but he also gets to ignore intervening models. He can’t finish with an overlapping base BUT it does mean he can go near enough where he wants. He still takes parting blows, but it does mean he can jump over your own players as well. Interestingly it also means it will be hard for the opposition to have intervening models between him and the goal. As he can just jump over them and deal with just the engaged penalty.


A small playbook to match his TAC, he does however have access to MPs on every column which is awesome. He has easy access to Tackles and does a little damage and manoeuvring as well. His plays are what you want as it is the only way to use them and they are amazing.


Unexpected Arrival – Costs 2 Guild balls (which is 3 hits), this is an impressive ability that makes him that much harder to deal with a 3” pulse that pushes all enemy models 4” away from. This will open up some huge gaps in an enemy’s line and really disrupt those that need to be close for buffs. It also obviously leaves him completely unengaged as well. The possibilities of jumping over an opponent then pushing them towards the rest of your team can’t be ignored either.

Meditation – Costs 1 INF, allows him to reroll one or more dice when he next kicks the ball. This leads nicely into his traits as you can almost (this is a dice game after all) getting that goal for the Offensive defence boost or even just get the ball rolling on Footbal Dervish.


He is the Striker Morticians have been waiting for, he fits so well into their play style it’s almost like the guys know what they are doing 😉 It is going to be hard to take him out and even harder to stay in melee with him.

He isn’t straight forward as say Mist is but he will do the job for morticians as he wont just be about the goals he could prove very disruptive, plus the pushes of opponents into your other players will add more to the control feel of Morticians.

Although let it be said he does get stronger if he is scoring goals so always keep that in mind and he can certainly shift in the right situation.

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