Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Mash

Season 2 has now started for the Brewers with Mash turning up and well what a surprise many (including me) was expecting a goal keeper. Instead we got a goal hanging striker! The equivalent of a drunk Gary Lineker.


He is as fast as most big guys (and brewers in general), his TAC is average and his DEF and ARM are pretty standard stats for big guys as well.

His KICK stat is unusual in that his dice pool is great but his distance not so much. However he has ways of boosting that anyway.

His INF is not bad he brings the average 2 to the pool but he can only take 3 out, which is not too bad. Extra one would have been nice.

Character Traits

Volley Threat – While within 8” of the enemy goal, snap shots taken by him cost 1 less MP. Which is huge, as with his kick stat already plus bonus time he is like any striker as an out-of-activation threat. But now he is one of the more efficient ones, as a snap shot is as accessible as a normal shot.

Plus we all want to imagine a big guy doing a bicycle kick πŸ™‚

Unpredictable Movement – The big man is slippery with his 2” melee reach anyone coming too near will find themselves swinging at nothing. He could be as annoying as Greyscales to pin down if played right.

Protected (Esters) – His wife ensures he stays out of trouble with him gaining +1 ARM while near her, which makes him one of the more robust bug guys to get good playbook results against.


An usual playbook for brewers! It is shorter than his TAC which means on the charge before any other bonuses he could achieve 2 wrap arounds. All the columns generate MPs which means he is able to generate a decent amount of MPs for the team in one activation.

He has easy access to a Tackle (column 2) as well as Knock down, he is a Brewer after all. Due to the possible Wrap arounds he can actually hit pretty hard as well. Potential for 7 DMG on the charge, ok none of it momentum generating but worth remembering for such occasions.


Super Shot – Costs 1 INF, boosts his KICK stat by [+1, +2”] which means he enters the very good range for scoring goals. OK his range isn’t as scary as some others but it is still pretty handy as it is the same range as Volley Threat as well!

Howzat – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), This lets him push a model away and knock them down. Strong ability and helps clear models out of the way for when he is ready for snap shots. It also encourages more of the repositioning that brewers bring to the board with even more pushes


He is like no other striker in the game as he doesn’t necessarily want the ball. He will just sit in the that 8” bubble near the goal waiting occasionally smacking people or generally getting out-of-the-way! Admittedly it will mean he spends a fair chunk of the game getting there due to his speed but once there he is a very viable threat.

He can still bring the pain when you need him to, so you can very much get him stuck in as well. With the added bonus that he is actually going to be hard to hurt (more so when Esters appears) but also the unpredictable movement with 2” melee is very powerful and will catch people out as surely Brewers would not have that trait!

Spigot and him are best buddies, not only does spigot boost his movement and his KICK stats as well as offering some handy ways of getting the ball. While Mash is big enough and scary enough to offer a nice bodyguard role. These 2 could be as effective with the ball as Tapper and Hopper are with their fists.

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