Managed to get a few games in this week, so not too much painting going on. But then I am back into one of my lulls, must be due to the time of year and the darker days…

Doesnt help I am getting the itch of computer gaming again with the likes of CoD and FO4 drop(ed)ing means wouldn’t mind picking up the controller again for some variation.

Games This Week

Week 5 of the Vassal Campaign sees me add a Lightning bug to the arsenal.

My game this week pitted the Gremlins vs Aaron’s Neverborn a rematch of week 3. It proved to be another win this time 8-0. It was an odd game as the cards came up in my favour and the weekly event shut down Aaron more than me. In the end I came away with no injuries and scrip to spend on the final week which should be interesting.

I also managed to get 3 guild ball games 🙂 2 for the local club league as well. So I went against the Morticians (8-12) and Butchers (12-0) with my own butchers and then got to try Alchemists against fishermen (12-8) as well.

Still struggling against the morticians, they are proving pretty hard to crack at the moment but then I did take Tenderiser and I am finding his low INF is pretty restrictive with Boar/Rage in the list as well.

The butcher off was a bit of a daft game my opponent wanted to try some bits and I took the bleed list (Rage, Meathook, Boiler and Gutter) and it proved to be pretty effective especially with Tooled Up available to me. One shotting Boar with Ox was worth it even if I needed the Legendary play as well to do it. I also managed to score a goal in each game as well which ruined my every other game ratio 😉

The Alchemist are a completely different feel to either the Butchers or Brewers and the fact I scored 2 goals probably shows this 🙂 I found it really difficult that I wasnt handing out loads of damage with my team which was unusual. Although I did enjoy the condition game that Mercury and Calculus brings and Midas is a monster of a captain, he is a one-man whirlwind and with Replication play he can be tailored so much it is mind-boggling.

Hobby This Week

Butchers are fully painted (only need to get Minx now) and I have moved back to Malifaux while I paint up the Collodi boxset which is a very cool little set.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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