Bayou Bear – Old Major

Been a while since we have been down at the Bayou, so time for a visit and we have decided to see what is in the pig pen. In the shape of Old Major..


His Df is poor but as a big pig you sort of expect that, his Wp is decent especially in gremlins. He has decent number of wounds while he is one of the unusual models that have the same Wk and Cg. This means he moves at an average rate but slower if he is charging.


Rile ’em Up – While close to Old Major pigs that start their activation, gain positive flips to attack and damage flips to charge attacks. This based on pigs threat ranges (those that 1ap charge) plus a lot of stampede triggers around that grants a lot of bonuses. For a Warpig (or piglet) that could be up to the equivalent of 6 focus actions which is pretty dam huge!!

Hard to Wound – We know about this well, helpful to keep him alive longer.

Ceaseless Advance – After a friendly model ends its activation, if your opponent doesn’t have any cards in their hand he gets reactivate. This is a nasty ability dealing with him twice, any bonus AP is welcome.

An Eye on the Young’uns – This is very handy when you lose your pig whispers and the like, basically pigs can never charge pigs. With careful deployment pigs should never be able to see a non-pig for it to matter. Shouldn’t happen a lot but good when it does.

Attack actions

Savage Bite – Decent Ml attack that does some nice damage with a good minimum we all want. It does come with some nice triggers as well.

  • Eat Anything – Crows – After damaging, he gets to make a healing flip. Keeps him going nicely.
  • Mauled to Slop – Rams – After he kills the model, all pigs nearby can push towards him. All pigs pushed get to heal a small amount which is great way of keeping all that bacon going.

Tactical actions

Nudge ’em On – After discarding a card you can push a pig on any direction. They pig gains Major’s Teaching condition – The pig gains the discarded cards suit to all its duel totals.

The Old Pig Knows the Way – Zero action that pushes gremlin models their Wk towards him.


Saddle – This costs 1 soulstone and grants the following:

Climb On – Whenever he declares a Wk then a friendly gremlin nearby may be placed in base contact at the end of the Wk.
Great way of pulling around models that would otherwise be a little static otherwise.

Corn husksThis costs 2 soulstone and grants the following:

Corn Husks – While in LoS, any pigs that end their activation close to an enemy scheme marker they can discard it and heal a point of damage.

Trained Pigs – Piglets in LoS can take interact actions as a zero action. This is huge as it means piglets become scheme marker factories.


Basically if you are taking a few pigs in your list, then Old Major is worth considering. He has the potential to kick out a lot of damage but due to his slowness (regardless of reactivate) means he is a support pig. Pushing pigs around and making piglets scheme marker super pigs..

But he can catch people out should Ulix wish to use him for some attacks or out-of-activation charges..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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