Building the Masons (S2) – Chisel

So the strange man know as Nobby on the forums has penned a post about the newest Mason the unhinged Chisel.

Masons, Masons, Masons, what a time to be a Masons player! With the recent errata, Brick has become a more viable choice (I didn’t use him as he was easy to take down as well as the momentum he gave away) but with tough hide he is now getting in. More on that later with what is coming. Chisel!

My god, this girl is as bad ass as they come! Let’s take a look at her stats first of all.


Movement is pretty standard for Masons so not too shabby. A Kick of 2 is nothing to write home about unless near mallet to be honest. Her TAC is rubbish, until you see the rest of what can happen. More on that in a moment!

DEF 3+ again pretty meh but standard for Masons with ARM 1, not that great for masons on par with marbles. While her INF 2/4 is again standard for masons (and most models in the game).

Character Traits

Crazy – Take 3 damage, gain 3 TAC. so basically she is at TAC 7 should you choose to take the damage, which you generally will.

Painful Rage – This is a new trait for season 2, basically if your HP goes below the number in brackets (in her case, 6) you gain +2 TAC and +1 DMG. Combine this with crazy and thats a massive TAC 9 without any other bonuses. Things will get pretty messy, pretty fast especially on a charge.


OK, her playbook is brilliant. We are looking at a large 7 column book (due to crazy).

  • 1st row – 1 DMG or MP dodge
  • 2nd row – MP tackle or MP 1 DMG with dodge
  • 3rd row – 2 DMG or 1 MP damage and 1 GB result
  • 4th row – dodge/push or MP 2 damage and dodge
  • 5th row – 3 DMG or 2 DMG and 1 GB result
  • 6th row – 3 DMG and dodge
  • 7th row – 4 DMG or 3 DMG and 1 GB result

The important things to note here are that there is DMG results in all seven of the columns and 3 out of 5 momentous results cause damage and all of the momentous results occur in the first 4 columns. Oh, I forgot to mention it. Chisel is another 2″ melee mason. So with Brick and Mallet, believe me, you can really go to town.


Sadism – costs 1 INF and is a 4″ aura. Anytime an enemy model takes damage (from any source) she gains 1 HP. So your team can be belting away at your opponent which will heal her after she deliberately drops below 6 hp for her bonuses.

Feel My Pain – costs 1 Guild Ball, this is an interesting one;

If you get it off which you want to really, any time the model that it is on, attacks her, they take 2 damage. This is important as I have read it as even if they miss, they will take the 2 damage, which, if sadism is up (which it should be as it should be the very first thing you are doing) means you are being healed by them attempting to hit you. Very filthy!


She hits herself hard but then hits the enemy even harder and against anything but Butchers she will be healing almost as fast as the enemy can damage her!!!

Now onto some tactic thoughts..

Ok then, I am giving away a very powerful tactic that if people are not watching for it, will wreck a player in the first turn. Now it is possible with a bit of luck, to take out 2 players first turn…

For those that have regularly played this and fallen victim to it (generally, will get them the first time but not the second) it is possible to take out a player and score in the first turn with masons. Some say it leaves flint vulnerable but he is generally ok, especially if you have drawn knee slider in your plot cards.

Superior Strategy Mallet. Gives him a second activation which can get him in combat first turn. Oh and tool him up. Thats always good for a giggle on the charge 😉 Flint just bombs forward getting into football legend range and does his thing, etc, etc. Also use your legendary in the first turn to get enough INF to get it to all work, 6 INF mallet is a scary prospect.

Now Chisel has been thrown into the mix, it opens up a few more options.

This is a big opening play and you can get caught out by those movement gits that run around and there are a lot of them.

If you get the option. KICK. Kick with Mallet, he should then be nicely far enough forward to charge ASAP. Superior strategy Chisel, if you think you might not be far enough forward, sacrifice some influence on mallet and deck out Honour so she can quick time him. Hopefully you shouldnt have to though.

Step 1 – Charge with mallet, if fully loaded he can cause a ton of damage on the charge and if lucky enough to wrap around (which does happen rather a lot I found) take singled out! This is important. Very, very important. You should always be looking to single someone out here if not take them out If you think you can.

Step 2 – Move Chisel into position.

Step 3 – Activate Sadism. Go crazy and charrrrge! If Mallet has not taken someone out then charge his target or if you feel confident you will win next turn, hopefully mallet is engaging two players with his 2″ melee, engage another player, as long as they are singled out. You are unlikely by this time to be below 6 health, if you are, oh well, what a pity nevermind. With Mallets assist, singled out, crazy and the charge you are at 14 TAC. With painful rage it’s 16 and extra damage. without the charge, it’s still 10 or 12 TAC. Generate momentum and laugh at your opponent as 2 out of the 3 big hitters on masons are now amongst his team holding him up and hitting or buying time for flint to nab the ball and score next turn.

Want another cheeky little tactic? Oh go on then, Brick. Brick is rather good now.

This is a simple one but effective and very good at protecting Chisel and Mallet. Just advance him forward, he should be round about the right range to counter charge.
Oh, did we all forget about the dodges on her playbook? That’s right, after healing herself up with momentum and hitting things, she can dodge away and into Bricks protection.

Thats just a bit on my thoughts on her, but I play a very distinct style of Masons, being the greatest Guild there is, there are many many more options. (I personally don’t like the look of Tower and not too keen on him as a player, but there is potential there for taking Chisels damage on himself.)

Chisel, despite first appearances, is actually a tough nut to crack, she can make herself go bonkers by taking damage and then heal it all back up instantly.

The future is bright. The future is Masontastic!

Sorry he seems to be suggesting masons are the best how wrong he is

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