State of the Union (S2) – Harry the Hat

A stealthy incoming player who slipped himself into Season 2 on the quite. Typical Union player then? Lets find out, time for some Hat Time…


The man with the hat can move as well as most players in the game and he has 2” melee range which helps a little more as well. His TAC is woeful, absolutely rubbish…But he does have ways round that. His KICK again is on the average spot for a non-striker while his DEF is a little below average on par with big guys. He does come with some ARM and his INF is standard as well.

Character Traits

Crazy– As mentioned he doesn’t have a lot of standard TAC but this nicely pushes him into the captains level of TAC for just a little damage, although he can take it better than Cossett can.

Rising Anger– The first time every turn that he gets damaged (by an enemy, no using Crazy for bonus MP) he will generate 2 free MP for your team, all the teams he plays for will love this. It also means people are going to weary of hitting him if there is a strong chance they will damage him. Teams with lots of push columns have less to worry about but butchers may need to time those hits a bit.

Inspiring Hat –  While within his small aura, friendly models spend one less MP for teamwork actions. This is pretty epic as it keeps your momentum for other things while still getting the bonus from the actions.


Unusual playbook, lots of pushes across the board. He does have some damage output but he isn’t amazing to butcher levels. He has access to knockdown which is momentous at 3 and 7 columns. He also has a low Tackle as well should you need it as well.


Goad – Costs 1 INF, an interesting ability as he can force an enemy model to only move towards him rather than in any other direction. It is certainly a fun way to keep models off your striker or whoever has the ball. Effective way of messing with big hitters as they can only move towards and if he moves out of their threat range they are somewhat neutered..Molotov – Costs 1 INF, hands out the burning condition which like Goad can mess with an opponents plans as the debuff to MOV it grants can hurt and at the very least will mean some MP spending to remove it..


He might look like a beater in his artwork and render, but simply he is a denile piece that messes with your opponent positional play over other things. Activate late turn throw a Molotov and then activate early next turn to do it again and Goad. You will have 2 models that move slower (with not much chance to remove conditions) and another play who has to move towards Harry! That is half a team effected by one of your players!! Yes it would be nice if he brought a little more INF to the table so he will require some careful consideration about when to give him what he needs.

He does make an interesting choice for a winger as if he can get on the right side of an opponent with all his pushes there is a chance of just pushing someone into the crowd.

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