Meat The Butchers (S2) – TENDERIZER

The slow burn build up to Season 2 continues with a look at the man with the pla….Hammer. TENDERIZER!!

Note TENDERIZER always needs to be done in upper case…TENDERIZER.


He is a big guy and as such he is slow but as a goal keeper you don’t want him to far from the goal anyway. His TAC is average and has big guy DEF (better than some of them) as well as rocking some ARM. His INF stat is a bit low but he can be stacked with a lot as well, so pretty selfish really. While his KICK is unusual, he has a great distance on it BUT the dice pool is bad. He wont be scoring goals but any balls he gets will be smashed up the board.

Character Traits

Rush keeper – While he is within 4” of the Goal he basically gets counter charge like Brick. So end an advance (those dodges are going to be a pain) within ^” of him and he gets an out-of-activation charge the model (assuming normal restrictions).

Goal Defence – While he stays within 4” of the Goal then enemy models attempting to score suffer a +1 to the target number. This makes it that much harder to score with him around, not impossible but certainly harder.


Healthy MP generating play book (4/5 of columns) which also hand out some nice damage. He has access to a 2 hit tackle which makes sense for a goal keeper. While also having easy to reach KD as well which is a little more unusual for the Butchers.


Seismic Kick – Costs 1 INF, he can make a free kick and if he does, he knocks all models down that lie under the path of the ball when he kicks it and the ball can’t be intercepted. The image and uses of this are pretty cool as he gets rid of the ball to say Brisket and as long as he hits it won’t go anywhere else and he can knock many things down.

Ground Pound – Costs 3INF or 2 guild balls (equivalent to 5 hits), all models within the pulse are knocked down pushed 2” away from him and take some damage as well. Nasty if he is in a big bubble of enemy models, but can be expensive costs nearly his whole stack of INF or needs to generate a lot of hits (usually off the charge).


On one side he could make it very hard to score against the Butchers now, however his counter charge wont work as well against teams with loads of dodges in their arsenal.

He hits as hard as any other Butcher but he isn’t a melee monster like Boar and Ox. He does have some nice KD potential but again he isn’t a Brewer in that sense. At the moment I am toying with 2 possible ways to play him. Against teams that want to score the odd goal to win he works in his GK stance while the rest of the team play more defensive in the fact they don’t go tearing up the board as fast as normal. This allows them to support him if need be and he isn’t left as a loner in the back. Against beaty teams and the perhaps the fishermen (even with his bonuses the dodges available to them make him seem much less useful as they have more wins to bypass his abilities) he is just another butcher with the potential to knock down numerous models. So activate early when lack of MP will mean the knockdown hurts more.

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