Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Sakana

The off-season is over and it’s time to enjoy the Season 2 models. The first one out of the blocks predictably is the super-fast Fishermen and the man known as Sakana (although I am sure he should be working with Brewers as well…).


He is as fast as most of the team (faster than most in right conditions), his TAC is average as is his INF. He comes with average DEF but has some ARM as well to balance out. His stand out stat is his KICK which is very good as expected for a striker in the Fishermen but his threat range is very scary in a team of goal threats.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – He gets to ignore 1 ARM when hitting opponents, this is always good to have around (it’s one more success than you would otherwise get).

Poised – He can make a Counter attack for free (no MP spend) once a turn, saves on any MP you have saved up.

Cover of Darkness – If he is gaining from cover than he gets a nice boost to his speed making him faster than a lot of the team which is saying something for Fishermen.


A healthy MP generating play book (4/5 of the columns), while also granting a guild ball on 3/5 of the columns as well for Weak Point. He can do some damage and access to an easy tackle as well. The most interesting result is the 2” push and 2” dodge. That will get someone out-of-the-way and Sakana moving again with little trouble.


Smoke Bomb – Costs 1 INF, he gets to place an area of cover on the board. Considering the boost this naturally gives him, it’s rude not to do it every turn. It will also make the Fishermen that much harder to hit!!

Weak Point – Costs 1 guild ball (equivalent to 2/3/5 hits), this reduces the enemies ARM by 1, meaning even Masons are going to be scared of him. What does make him unusually compared to season 1 models is he can hit this on 3 different columns with higher totals doing more damage as you go as well.


He can easily be one of the fastest players in the game when you need him to be, or just use him as some moving cover for your more fragile models (Kraken will love him as cover would really help his main weakness). What he does bring is some decent hitting for a Fishermen and access to some ARM debuffing means the likes of Shark and Greyscales are going to be getting the playbook results they want more often. Masons will hate him for that reason. He brings some great things for the Fishermen and is worth throwing in as you don’t lose anything having in compared to other players.

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