Well the first big Guild Ball errata landed this week and it made for some interesting reading, you can see the guys chat about it here;

I am not going to cover everything but the interesting pieces for me are;

Big guy boosts with Fangtooth getting gluttous mass so ignores the 1st attack every turn is very powerful on someone with so many wounds. Katalyst getting a buff to DEF 3+ and ARM 1 means he should be around a bit more rather than stood at the back with the kick me sign..

Mist losing their MP Tackle on the first column means players will need to think about their INF allocation when using Mist. Doesnt stop the much talked about first activation goal but it will change how it is done.

Seduction is going to once per turn, and as a Butcher player who loves Boar I like this no end 🙂 Finally perhaps one of the bigger changes is Shark’s Gut & String which means no more hitting the easy to-hit models to neuter the rest of the team. A change I wasnt expecting so much but I welcome it.

Overall a very nice Errata which shows the GB guys are willing to listen but they will take the game in the direction they thing is best, which is awesome.


Dont forget your chance to win the McMourning Crew is still ongoing! only 2 weeks left everyone!!

Games This Week

Week 3 of the Vassal Campaign sees me add Merris to the mix. My game this week pitted the Gremlins vs Aarons’s Neverborn. He is still very new to the game so I managed to come out 10-4 winner but I have to say he is very close to ‘getting’ malifaux.

In other news I have completed my bounty and have enough Scrib to buy my master but who will it be…Hope I don’t make the Wong choice!

I have also got 2 games of Guild Ball in this week as well 🙂 One Brewers vs Union and the other Butchers vs Fishermen.

Got wins in both 12-6 and 12-10 respectively. I also got to try out TENDERISER and at the moment I am not sure about him. The 4″ bubble to the goal makes him feel very tethered, I think he will require a lot of work to get right!

Hobby This Week

Spiders I have finally finished the spiders 13 of the buggers!! Which means I can paint some TENDERISER!!!

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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