Raising the Morticians – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Raising the Morticians series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

What do we see when we look at the Morticians then? Well beyond being a touch creepy and let’s be honest pure filth!

They don’t generate MPs like others do (Butchers with hitting, Brewers knocking down etc.) what they do, do is mess with your opponents MP generation. With the legendary play from Obulus and Dirge dying it is possible to just ensure your opponent don’t have much to show for all their hard work.

A nice way of generating MP is remembering Ghasts fear ability, nothing hurts more than your opponent giving you free MP and then using the legendary play to remove what they also have…

Confidence from Obulus is a great play to have as every single member of the team is going to want it on them for their killer play. Choose wisely as it can make a big difference.

Silence loves Dirge and Dirge loves Silence! It makes perfect sense in season 1 to keep these guys on the pitch as it allows for you to maintain activation control

Misdirection from Obulus and Silence’s activation control means you can also control your opponents not only order but also how much resource they can bring to the fore.

With the damage that Ghast and Cossett can hand out it is worth having Graves lurking around as he loves getting a boost when enemies start taking damage.

Speaking of Cossett she likes having Dirge around her as well for the boosts so it could be worth using Silence later in the turn should he need to make a birdy ready for Cossett to make use of.

Next lets say Morticians can pick their fights with access to Lure (Cossett) and Puppet Master (Obulus), it is a very efficient way to get some early VP by a Lure and Puppet master one-two to get an already activated model deep into your own lines for a pummeling. It is very hard to stop this for any team unless they have access to lure type abilities to pull their mate back.

Finally a little nod towards Casket now with all that luring and puppet mastering means it is pretty easy to get someone into the casket. It is almost too easy to do somehow, use this to your advantage the threat of the casket is stronger than the casket 🙂

Also remember Casket is an amazing defensive player as it is so hard to get to him and via that the rest of the team use him as your front-runner as it is going to be difficult to get round him.

So simple play stuff someone in the casket, steal all their MP and generally play the river in Egypt game.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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