Raising the Morticians – Casket

Last in the line for the Raising the Morticians post is the man who needs putting in a box himself! with many many nails!!!! Casket…..(see no pun)


For a big guy he is pretty fast (so read average generally), while his DEF is also good for a large model and he even rocks some ARM as well. His TAC and KICK are average but his INF is a little light but he can be greedy and take a fair amount out of the pot.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He is hard to take down as he ignores damage every time.

Foul Odour – The area around him counts as rough terrain which makes it pretty hard to get close to him without slowing you down a lot. Especially if you are trying to engage him.

Reanimate – This just makes him even harder to shift as once a turn when he hits 0 HP he heals 3 and removes all conditions. This means you have to drop a lot of resources into him to take him out.

Legendary Play

Casket Time – Scary play that lets him remove a model for a full turn before they gain icy sponges but also grants 4VP instead of the usual 2VP for a player taken out. Incredibly powerful play as it grants you an extra turn of activation control. More so if you can squish their mascot as well during the same turn.


Not many chances for MP with Casket (2/5 columns) but he can do OK damage and has access to both knock down and a tackle (on the same column).


Ghostly Visage – Costs 1 INF, enemy models trying to charge a friendly model within the AoE of this play, will suffer a TAC and movement penalty. This can make Morticians incredibly hard to get to, more so with his Foul Odour trait.

Heavy Burden – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 2 hits), This hands out a movement penalty and also a reduction in their dice pool for character plays, which will hurt a fair number of models.


He is incredibly hard to deal with as he is just hard to reach he can also pass this onto the crew by them staying close to him. When you do get near him he is hard to take out as well. He is an amazing denile piece that also has one of the nastiest plays in the game.

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