Raising the Morticians – Cossett

Everyone has a skeleton in their Cossett (sorry), it’s another Raising the Morticians post.


She is fast, very fast, like Fishie fast! Her TAC is very low though BUT she has a way of boosting that herself. DEF is average and she has no ARM which will be a worry as she doesn’t have a lot of wounds. Her KICK is average and she brings an average amount of INF to the table as well. Interestingly she can only take a maximum of the same but on some turns as we shall see she actually pseudo-generates more.

Character Traits

Crazy – Once in her activation she can take 3 DMG to gain +3 TAC for the rest of her activation. Which pulls her up to captain level of TAC.

Furious – She gets to charge for free which saves her INF for other things which is nice.

Assist (Dirge) – While near the bird she gets a bonus to her DMG and TAC output which makes her incredibly scary.


A long playbook compared to most (down to the extra TAC from Crazy), she can dish out the damage though but with only 3/5 (or 1/2 when not crazy) MP generating columns means she is not going to boost the team in that direction. She does have a decent mix of pushes and dodges as well as a tackle.


Lure – Costs 2 INF, this forces an enemy model to move their jog movement towards her. Has great potential as she can pull something closer to your crew and her or move something away from the support of their own team.

Screeching Banshee – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 6 hits), enemy model takes a small amount of damage and also a reduction on their DEF. Nasty play but hard to reach outside of a charge.


She is a fast-moving INF efficient hitter of people. Her 2 INF can lead to 3 hits every turn IF she can charge. Or at the very least a charge and a lure! She is very good at moving somewhere out-of-the-way and dragging someone with her to disrupt enemy plans. Imagine Ballista or Ox not being able to grant their bonuses to their team!

She is not subtle and she doesn’t need to be the only thing worth considering is the placement of Dirge as he can make her incredibly nastier to deal with.

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