Raising the Morticians – Graves

It’s another Raising the Morticians post and I have Grave(s) thoughts about the puns I am using.


He is average speed, he has decent TAC with average DEF but with ARM, his INF is also average. He has an excellent KICK stat (range is average though).

Character Traits

Damaged Target – He gets a boost in his range when charging a model that is already damaged. Makes his threat range that little bit better.

Crucial Artery – Whenever he does damage he also hands out the Bleed condition. Making his damage output higher than first seems.


Unusual playbook in that most columns only have 1 option to pick from. He does generate MP on 2/3 of his book. He has easy access to a Tackle as well which is always good. Plus his has plenty of pushes around as well.


Scything Blow – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 5 hits), all models in melee zone take 3 DMG. Always nasty as it is bonus damage to many models, be wary though as it is all models including friendlies.

Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, great to have around as anything that boosts damage is going to help any team. Both captains will like this as well..


He likes to hurt people a LOT, with access to scything blow and bleed he can really bring the pain to a low of people plus tooled up. He certainly is a missile to be wary of, he is one of the better options for a goal threat for the Morticians (even if he is a bit slow).

He has potential to do a lot of damage but you are depending on a charge as scything blow is hard to reach. But don’t fall into the trap that is all he is as  he is easily ganged up on.

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