Beared-itorial – Breast Cancer Brawl Report

So that was the week after the tournament before…..or something like that!

It was that time of year again the leaves begin to turn, the nights draw in and I try silly lists all in the name of charity!!

Thats right it is BCB time again and boy was it a good day. Disclaimer I can’t remember much of the day, strangely trying to lose requires a lot of concentration.

Game 1 vs Cryx (Termins)

A real attrition game but in the end bad placement of Madhammer meant Terminus squished him.

Game 2 vs Mercs (Bart)

Game went to dice down but all he had left was Bart, so I took the win (bugger) who knew a free charging fully loaded and Agitator boosted Wrecker can literally wreck a colossal in one turn!!

Game 3 vs Cant remember

I lost thats all I can remember o_O

Game 4 vs Trollbloods (Doomy)

Played by my ‘mate’ he Mulg’d me as he usually does….One day I will figure out that damn beast!

Game 5 vs Skorne (Fat Git)

Losing the will to live at this stage (5 games in a day is tough on someone not use to it). Left Thexus wide open but not before I had fun moving his models round 🙂


So for those keeping track that means I went 1-4 which considering my goal was the wooden spoon. I have failed miserably, not even making it into the bottom 3!!! Anyway the group of 30ish people did managed to raise over 1000 for MacMillan Charity so really that is full of win 🙂

Now to put the WM stuff away again for another year…..or maybe not we shall see.


Dont forget your chance to win the McMourning Crew is still ongoing!

Games This Week

Week 2 of the Vassal Campaign sees me add another rooster rider to the mix.

So it was my Gremlins vs Ade’s Arcanists and I managed to eek out a win 8-4 but it was a very brutal game as all of these campaign games seem to be. I again managed to survive relatively intact. With McTavish having an injury that lasts 1 game and the slop hauler having reduced Ml. I did  manage to add in a Bounty so I can at least pretend I will get a master before the end.

Plus I have added Merris in for Week 3 so I actually have a pretty fast-moving crew now.

Vassal Ball

Anyone wanting to try Vassal and Guild Ball make sure you sign up on the FORUMS or the FB page.

Hobby This Week

I have mainly been building models and getting them prepped. No painting as I am suffering a touch of burn out at the moment so don’t want to push. Trying to finish my remaining spiders for Ramos as an easy way back into painting although been slow going..

I have set myself a challenge with the Brewers though to paint them all in a cell shading type of way. Which shock horror means no washes/inks, this may not go well…

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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