Building the Masons – Tower

The final man out of the dugout for the Masons, the man known as Tower, who can actually be a better bodyguard than Brick for half the size.


Mov – At 5”/8” he is one of the quicker Masons and can easily keep up with everyone.

Tac – 5 is average for most players so nothing to exciting to say other than he does like a knocked down model as well..

Kick – At 3/6” is pretty good, he does make a decent kicker of the ball, obviously the bonuses with Masons makes this better still. So he does make an OK goal threat but perhaps that 6” isn’t as high as need be to be full blow goal scoring maniac.

Def – 3+ is once again the standard Masons Defensive Line. Nothing more to say really, he is pretty easy to hit so always remember Defensive Stance.

Arm – 2 Arm is standard for Masons it seems, does make it pretty easy for him to shrug off big hits even with his less than average DEF. As always remember there is plenty out there than laughs at ARM even at 2.

Inf – The very standard 2/4 for Masons is present again. Whether you max him out will very much depend on his position on the pitch and the terrain (see plays). But a couple of swings with his hammer can get the job done nicely.

Character Traits

Knockback – This is a really interesting ability as it more or less grants a push/dodge playbook result regardless of the actual results you get. Admittedly you can’t use it to redeploy Tower but if he hits 4 times that’s 4” he has pushed a model out-of-the-way which is a big way of removing a threat from the anywhere on the board.

Floored – This grants +2 TAC when swinging against knock downed targets. Puts his TAC into the captain level and with the access the likes of Brick has it should be easy to have ‘on’ a lot of the time.

Heroic Play

Protect Those Close – Friendly models that are within the aura gain Sturdy, so ignore the first Knock down result. Like his character play he is about boosting his mates DEF indirectly as this ensures they don’t suffer anymore from their naturally low DEF.


A great playbook to have as he can easily generate momentum as it all occurs in the first 3 columns. Which means just 1 hit will be generating you momentum. Easy access to a momentous tackle as well (at 2) is very nice to have on any model that has reasonable KICK stat. His damage output isn’t huge (outside of Tooled up) but he also has access to Knockdown as well (so self-boosting himself). The reposition possibilities on top of the knockback trait means he is a better bulldozer than Brick in many cases with possible 3” push and 1” dodge for Tower can free him up easily for a kick at goal or another player.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, seen before in most factions, letting a model gain +1 DMG to their hits is going to help so models more than others. The likes of Chisel, Mallet and the captains are all going to enjoy this to a certain extent.

Defend the Ground – Costs 1 INF, once the AoE is on the board any friendly model may use defensive stance for free. This means with a faction with a lot of 3+ DEF suddenly dealing with those charges are a little bit more favourable on top of the ARM as well. Great little ability but placement shows your hand a little unless you use it as a swerve..


He is a very effective Defender both for the team and the ball. He can hurt knocked down models while also being able to ensure the enemy have to really really work to take a model out. Is he a goal scorer? I am not sure knowing the range some players can threaten but he can certainly get the ball where you want it to be.

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