Raising the Morticians – Silence

Its time for a little Silence in this Raising the Morticians post.


He is average speed (although his sprint value is low considering), he has average TAC with high DEF but no ARM. He has an excellent KICK stat (again the range is only average) but he brings an average amount of INF to the board.

Character Traits

Kick Support: Dirge – While near the bird he gets a bonus to his KICK which puts him into the very healthy range for KICK stat but his range is still not as scary as others.

Heroic Play

Creation: Dirge – If the bird has bitten the dust you can make a new one, out-of-what-I-don’t-want-to-think-about. By using a MP to do so, this is pretty powerful as it means the loss of your Mascot isn’t as bad for Morticians as others as you never really suffer from activation issues so much during a turn. Also you can control where Dirge is rather than the back field.


Relatively meh book, he makes MP on 3/5 of the columns but apart from some damage plus some push/dodges as well. Unusually his tackle is very hits intensive, generally he doesn’t want to be in melee if he can help it.


Tucked – Costs 1 INF, If enemy model has not activated, then it must be the next model to activate. Messes up activation order for your opponent especially if you know they have a special order to do for instance make Harmony go before Honour so they can’t use the link ability.

Shutout – Costs 1 INF, If target model has yet to be activated then it must be the last model to activate. Very powerful if done early as you can stop someone with the ball setting up for a goal shoot (if they need to pass) but it also means players with nasty plays (such as legendary ones) are less effective.

Fire Blast – Costs 2 INF, this is a decent ranged AoE attack that hands out 2 DMG and Burning. While also leaving an ongoing effect of burning. Nice way of controlling where your opponent can go.


A great control piece that ensures you if Dirge goes down then you can at least control where he pops out again, without waiting till the end of the turn.

He is incredibly powerful for activation control as he literally makes sure which models activate (although 1 dice is always a worry). He sort of looks like a striker with his decent KICK but his relatively low sprint and KICK range means he is a good threat BUT not a great threat when he can spend his INF elsewhere being a pain to opponents literally with Fire Blast. He feels like a midfielder but one that does not want to be engaged so much.

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