Raising the Morticians – Ghast

Next up on the Raising the Morticians posts is one of the big men of the team, I am all (a)Ghast (sorry).


He is pretty slow but his sprint/charge range is slighty higher than normal for a slow jog. Means he actually has a decent threat range, his TAC is on bar with some captains and other big guys. Obviously this means his KICK is poor but he has good DEF for a big un with ARM as well. His INF is poor so he wont be doing a lot of attacking but what he will do is Butcher-esque.

Character Traits

Rising Anger – The first time he takes damage from an enemy in a turn generates 2 MP for you. Great way of keeping the MP ticking over and that easily allows you to heal it back up when he activates for no input.

Fear – The first time an enemy team target him with an attack they must spend another INF to do so. Creates a great way of reducing the amount of damage he will take in one activation, which makes Rising Anger even nastier.


He can hit as hard as a butcher and also had access to Knockdown and half his book can generate momentum.


The Unmasking – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 hits), all models within the pulse are pushed 4” and take 3 DMG. This if done to say a team that likes to bubble can really take a kicking from it. Imagine Butchers not being close to Ox for the bonus DMG, or engineers not generating MP near Ballista. It’s a big push so you can really scatter a team apart the damage is just gravy.


He hits hard and is actually a nice way of messing with your opponents INF with his Fear ability, while also generating MP which is something that Morticians can sometimes struggle with (ignoring the Legendary play on Obulus) compared to other teams. The unmasking ability is incredibly powerful and great way of disrupting plans. Point him at the enemy and let him go nuts.

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