Raising the Morticians – Dirge

Next up on the Raising the Morticians posts is the Mascot Dirge.


He is a bird so is super-fast apart from that pretty standard Mascot stats. Low TAC and KICK average (mascot) INF but he does have some decent DEF but obviously no ARM.

Character Traits

Dark doubts – If he is taken out by an enemy attack or play, the enemy team takes a -2MP hit which can really hurt what a team has generated so far.

Follow up – Basically if an opponent advances away from him he gets to follow them afterwards.

Flying – He is a bird he flies…


Small playbook but it does have a tackle and the Guildball is MP generating as well. Which is nice.


Singled out – Costs 1 guild ball (equivalent to 1 hit), friendly models gain +2 TAC against the target model. A very nice boost especially on top of the crowding out bonus as well (and with Cossett it just gets silly).


He is an annoying bird that your opponent will need to get rid of at some point but they don’t want to do it late turn. This means you can control their activations as the bird will hurt if it doesn’t go down early.

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