Raising the Morticians – Obulus

Welcome to the last team in my team talk series for season 1, no-one likes the deadmen but I suppose they are a viable team. So welcome one and all to Raising the Morticians and as always the Captain first, Obulus.


He is pretty slow but this is easy improved with his character traits. TAC is average for a captain while his KICK is OK but nothing to get excited by. His DEF is average but he also comes with some ARM as well. He does have a nice amount of INF which means he can get a lot of work done for the team.

Character Traits

Shadow Like – Allows him a free dodge at the start of his activation, which generally means he isn’t going to be engaged when he starts doing things. Which is incredibly powerful.

Unpredictable movement– As with Shadow like just makes him that much harder to pin down.

Legendary Play

Rigor Mortis – The enemy team lose all their MPs and you gain the same number. This is incredibly powerful if done against any team. If done late game almost guaranteed activation next turn nut is also worth doing after you have say, handed out lots of conditions and you don’t want the opponents to get rid of said conditions..


Some damage output in his playbook and 3/5 columns will give MPs he also has access to Knockdown and tackle (but they don’t generate MP) he also gets some dodges as well which adds up nicely with his other dodges.


Confidence – Costs 1 INF, a friendly model can reroll one OR more of their dice on the next attack/character play during their activation. This is really helpful if you need to hit and/or your luck is rubbish, although rerolling misses may not help if you are me. Worth putting on himself when you consider cost of Puppet Master.

Misdirection – Costs 2 INF, Take 1 INF of an enemy model and assign it to a friendly model. Very powerful as you can mess with an opponents plans, you have 2 INF to charge? Not anymore! Oh look Boar is close, at least he can only hit me twice now.

Puppet Master – Costs 4 INF, target model has to take a Jog, Pass or Attack action controlled by you. As this can be both a friendly or enemy model it does open up many options. Get someone to pass you the ball so you can shoot (generates a MP). Or just rearrange you pieces (or theirs) on the pitch, loads of utility basically.


A real toolbox of a master, you can use him as a damage dealer, a goal threat and a control piece.

If he uses puppet master on himself he has the potential to be one of the fastest players in the game which can catch out players, he can also mess with INF allocation of your opponent as well. Especially as it allows one of your models to become more effective.

He can also make a reasonable damage output especially if Tooled Up is on the board. His Legendary play can also effect how your opponent can  play. Does he keep momentum off the board so you don’t get a big swing or do they ignore it and accept you will win the initiative roll when you want to?

He really can be played in many different guises the only issue is how much INF he absorbs from the rest of the team. A tricky choice to be had every turn.

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