It’s that time of year again, to done the Green (and pink) and go forth to the BCB tournament in Leeds to raise some cash and play some Warmachine..

Now due to this year being very much the year of Malifaux (and guild ball tagged on the end) I havent actually played any warmachine in a long time………….In fact last years BCB was actually the last time last year I went 2-2 with my first run out with CoC. But this year I want to do better and get that wooden spoon so I am taking Mercs and the reason? I won Thexus as a raffle prize at last years event seemed fitting that I would take him to the same event all painted up 🙂

Below are my 2 lists and were actually built with BCB in mind..



One is a silly list as not sure Thexus in shrinking killbox is the way to go but meh I really like the Cephalyx models so there you go. Second list is another fun one but possibly a bit more grunt to it! Madhammer and his exploding crew looks like fun to me, plus I have Eiryss in the list so I can deploy her and then forget about her 😉

How will I get on? I have no idea but that Spoon WILL be mine.

Games This Week

Managed to get a campaign game in this week on Vassal. My Gremlins vs Neverborn a brutal game ending up 9-6 to the Neverborn. Fortunately I managed to not come away from it with no injuries and now have H2K on MacTavish which is pretty nice.

Was a great game against John so thanks to him for that, certainly picked up some nice ideas for NB when I switch to them later this year.

Having to deal with a Nekima and Mature Nephilim is very very nasty which I was worried about as I cant help but pick a more balanced list (too me anyway). Which means I didn’t have much to do against 2 fast heavy hitters. Perhaps this is my problem with early campaign games I have been playing there is a lot of skew possible (or worse summoning) that I am struggling to get my head around. Sure I will get there eventually….maybe.

Vassal Ball

I am also trying to get a better grip on who plays Guild Ball on vassal so please sign up on the FORUMS or the new FB page.

Hobby This Week


Now I dont know what to paint lol……

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

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