Tinkering the Engineers – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Tinkering the Engineers series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

What can we expect from a team of engineers then? Well range, lots and lots of range which grants some knockdown and pushes as well.

They also bring a glut of momentum point gathering at the range they have, this is mainly down to Ballista’s bubble Momentous Inspiration any damage at range gives you extra MPs which means you don’t need to get up close and personal to gain momentum, hell you don’t even need to pass the ball!! They are also very good at kicking the ball even the mascot can put in a good show with super kick up, but generally not great on massive damage output (generally looking at 1-2 damage even from range).

So generally what you will see is Ballista, Ratchet and Salvo all together being a MP generating ranged battery, while Mainspring goes to blow up and Colossus and Velocity deal with the ball.

Obviously the 3 mechs in the team love Ratchet for his extra (non-MP) healing and we all know Ratchet is there to create more mainsprings and to sending the little guy off to explode again..

It’s also worth nothing that Ballista’s second wind play works well with ratchets long bomb play as together you can get the ball out of harms way and then be fast enough to get it back as well particularly if its done to one of the faster members of the team (looks at velocity).

They also as a team Tackle very very well, with lots of tackle options sometimes in multiples on the same playbook and a fair amount of MPs being generated from these tackles.

They could be kings of the short passing game, whereas Fishies are about the crazy threat range. Gear heads want to stay with a 6″ bubble so the boys can play with their range weapons (snigger) while also passing the ball between themselves moving up the field. Only worry and issue is with only 2 close control players in the team the others are going to be targets for tackles! How you get over this will make a huge difference for them..

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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