Bendy Boards Mob Football Team Board Review

Today I will be having a look at the new Mob Football Team Board (cue crowd noise) from the guys at Bendy boards , you may remember when I looked at the gaming widgets they have done in their Mob Football range as well as the massively useful Battle Board which are suitable for Warmachine and those with a Malifaux addiction *cough* BigBoyBucky *cough*..

So what does the Team Board bring to the table then? simply flexibility by the ring full (will make sense later) and as always great build quality.

Bendy Boards are really cornering the tournament tray business in the UK, this is a good thing as the quality is awesome and they are at a price which will not hurt anyone (these rock in at the same price as 1 40mm Guild Ball player)!

As with all the new design boards you receive a lovely package through the post from Leee as everything is flat pack, how very Swedish although with no lost screws or meatballs.


Awww look I have been tagged, this is my board there are many like it but this one is mine!!

As you can see it is almost a snap fit build.


As always with Bendy Boards everything is clean and fits together in literally 5 minutes with only a touch of glue needed (or a bit more if you are clumsy)


The rings are this boards party piece as you can see we have space for a Goal and 5 players (30mm) bases as standard on the board (or 4 and a ball). We are then given some nice flexibility between 2 30/40mm bases and 2 30/40/50mm bases. What this means is that we have space for the goal and 8/9 players but with the flexibility of base size very much at the fore.

So if other teams start getting a 50mm base player like the Morticians Bone Saw then you are covered. It also covers you in tournament play as roster size is capped at 8 players anyway at the moment.

Another nice feature is the lip around the tray although small, it is certainly high enough to help catch the minis before the fall when you stumble/nudge while moving about at a tournament.


So overall, with the ‘as expected’ area for holding cards and over paraphernalia from a BB board and the flexibility of the rings it means all teams can travel in style from table to table.

The bases are held snuggly in their spots so I have no concerns about slipping either :), it does the job and does it well. So what about the price then? Well for the price of £12-13 (higher price is for name tag) you can not go wrong!

Overall if you play Guild Ball and your team needs a team bus to get around this is as good as you are going to get 🙂 without air conditioning and toilet.

The only question I have left is do I make the storage area a box by having a crowd stand on top that can be removed or is that silly? 😀

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