Tinkering the Engineers – Velocity

Do you feel the need for speed? Well how about the last Tinkering the Engineers post and feeling Velocity?


Fast moving and an awesome KICK means she is your go-to goal scorer. She becomes an even better option when you see her DEF which is very high (although no ARM which is odd from a wooden person), Her INF is average while her TAC is pretty low..

Character Traits

Close Control – The first tackle against her a turn is ignored, this means it is incredibly hard to get the ball of her usually, unless your opponent puts some effort into it.

Reanimate – Once a turn (and every turn) when she is reduced to 0 health and so would get taken out she immediately gets 3 points back and remove all conditions. Incredibly powerful ability when combined with her DEF, she just won’t die!!


Lots of pushes and dodges in her playbook and also very column has momentous choices in them which is very powerful. Basically she can can’t actually do any damage beyond a tickle but she can get the ball back and then disappear VERY quickly. A possibility for a 2” push AND dodge means she won’t be engaged!


Nimble – Costs 1 INF, Grants her +1 DEF which makes her almost impossible to hit! Very nasty if she needs to get away from an engagement.

Acrobatic – Costs 1 INF, gives her a a nice dodge for getting out of harms way. Means she is pretty hard to pin down.


She is fast, hard to hit, hard to pin down and can score goals for fun. That’s about it really. Go where you need her and wait for the ball, or if you get bored go get it yourself she wont be engaged for long.

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