Tinkering the Engineers – Salvo

DUCK!! For this Tinkering the Engineers post as its Salvo’s turn.


Fast moving and a decent KICK means he has an OK threat range as a goal scorer. While his INF is average as is his DEF but he does get some ARM. His TAC is average but generally he is only going to be trying to get the ball.

Character Traits

Swift Strikes – Whenever he causes damage to an enemy model he can make a 1” dodge. This really adds to his speed, it is more important from his plays than playbook though.

Heroic Play

Lock & Loaded – Allows him to use a character play for free which means he can in theory do all his plays in an activation. Even means he is a threat with no INF on him either.


Lots of dodges in this playbook as well as a TWO momentous tackles which is unusual (one has a dodge) while he has very little damage output.

This means that he can do as much damage with more effects (push/knockdown) from his character plays than what he can do engaging with the enemy. Only get him involved if the ball is about!


Flurry – Costs 2 INF, Target hit takes some damage everyone near them also takes damage. Nasty way of handing out damage to a clustered opponent.

Arrow to the Knee – Costs 2 INF, enemy hit takes damage and also a reasonable hit to their KICK stat for the turn. It wont hurt the super strikers too much but anyone else will struggle.

Tether Ball – Costs 2 INF, allows him to collect a free ball from a fair distance. This means he actually becomes a great model to reply to an enemy goal as it only need to land near him for him to get it.


Certainly does not want to get into the middle of things just sit back and use his 2 damage attacks. Both of which allow to get a move on as well for free. This makes him surprisingly faster than on first viewing, this means he is a decent goal threat BUT also with those Tackles in his book he is not bad at retrieving the ball for you when you need to and no free ball is save from him.

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