Tinkering the Engineers – Ratchet

Time to crank up the Tinkering the Engineers post its Ratchet time.


He moves at an average pace, TAC and his INF is also in the average area as well. What does stand out is his good KICK stat!!  His DEF is pretty low but he does have ARM as well though as you would expect for a man who makes exploding crickets.

Character Traits

Fixer – Once a turn he can heal and remove all conditions off a friendly Mechanica. This really helps the likes of Velocity and Colossus which saves you the MP for other things.

Heroic Play

Overclocked – Any friendly Mechanica (which is a few of the models in Engineers) can get to sprint/charge for free during their activation.

This is a great way of dealing with a model that you haven’t assigned too suddenly becoming a little important to be elsewhere or deal with an enemy threat. Can also mean someone get be running around with equivalent of an extra 1/2 INF as well.

Creation (Mainspring) – For the cost of 1 momentum points you can bring back the Mainspring mascot for free. It can activate but doesn’t generate INF when it comes back. It does mean if you would have been an activation down in an important turn you no longer are.


A very simple playbook (as all his plays don’t need Guild Balls I suppose), but he does bring a momentous tackle as well as some damage output and a healthy push as well. But on the charge it is very possible to get the tackle and push with wrap around so he makes a valid ball stealer. He can also Knockdown but that is only needed sometimes as it is non-momentous.


Long Bomb – Costs 1 INF, this boosts his kick range (only on a pass) into striker levels while also ensuring the pass cannot be intercepted. He has the potential to move the ball very quickly for your team.

Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, adding +1 DMG around is always a good thing from all the character plays around for Engineers but also makes both captains pretty scary in combat.

Blast Earth – Costs 2 INF, long range AoE that does small amount of damage and also stays in play as rough terrain. Great way to reduce your opponenets movement a little as well as adding some damage to them with a threat range of near half the board..


He is a bit of an enigma is Ratchet, he clearly doesn’t want to be too close to the action as a defensive minded player. I say this because here we have a player that is not fast or great DEF wise but he is pretty good at getting the ball off the opposition and can then move it up field fast without worrying about being engaged with Long Bomb.

We is also very good at slowing models down early game with Blast Earth. While all the time sending out Mechanica for stomping and also fixing your other models as well. Which can’t be ignored as it saves you MPs for other things.

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