Tinkering the Engineers – Colossus

Next up on the Tinkering the Engineers is the spiderboy – Colossus.


The big man can move, one the fastest guys around for his size on top of his KICK he is actually a decent goal threat for the engineers.

His DEF is obviously very low but he does have very good ARM to help (and additional survivability below as well). His TAC is about average across the game while his INF is generous as he offers an average amount BUT doesn’t actually take too much on the maximum.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – This means that anything outside of Butchers are going to struggle to put lots of damage onto him. -1 DMG from plays and playbook means he is pretty survivable even with mediocre DEF.

Light Footed – This means he isn’t slowed down by terrain which makes him even scarier with his threat range.

Close Control – The first tackle against him a turn is ignored, this means it is incredibly hard to get the ball of him usually, unless your opponent puts some effort into it.

Long Legs – If the ball is free than with his base and then an extra inch around him (2 instead of 1) means if the ball lands anywhere in a large area he is going to gobble it up.

Stoic – Every turn he ignores the first push he would take. This makes him harder to shift around and also harder to get away from due to his reach unless the player has a very good dodge or knockdown.


He has reasonable access to momentum (4/5 columns), with not much damage output. What he does bring is a lot of Knockdown and tackles as well as access to pushes within these as well.


Unexpected arrival – Costs 2 Guild Balls (4 hits), this creates a decent size pulse thay pushes all enemy models away from him. This because of his base size makes for a pretty bog area cleared out of the way.

Singled Out – Costs 1 Guild Ball (1 hit), this grants the team a bonus +2TAC against the model he hits with this. More dice is a good thing….


He is the ball kicking bulldozer of the Engineers. He is great at clearing space for the rest of your team. He is fast enough (with good melee zone) to go get the ball and also keep hold of it and then be good enough to pass/score with it. He is incredibly hard to take out but his DEF does make it easy to knockdown or deal with in other ways, however with his ARM it is hard to get good results against him all the time. Which means it is hard to get the ball as you need 2 tackle results due to close control never mind any counter attacks with his pushes and knockdowns.

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