Tinkering the Engineers – Mainspring

Next up on the Tinkering the Engineers is the exploding cockroach – Mainspring.


The little cricket can shift and be where you need it to be. After that though things become average with DEF (but with ARM), while his TAC and DEF are about right for mascots. His KICK is not bad decent dice pool just a shame about his range.

Character Traits

Overheat – When he gets taken out during the activation phase, he creates a bubble of death with 3 DMG and burning condition which is brutal. This is made even nastier as he can come back via Ratchet.

Launch Control – Allows him to use his play and then make a pass without spending INF to do so.


Very simple playbook with so little TAC, he can do some damage and has a momentous tackle which is great. As well as a good dodge as well, basically you have everything you need to be annoying enough that you opponent has to deal with it….just before you blow up


Long Bomb – Costs 1 INF, this boosts his kick range (only on a pass) into striker levels while also ensuring the pass cannot be intercepeted. He has the potential to move the ball very quickly for your team.


He is a great mascot to have as he can be pretty annoying for your opponent as really you don’t want him blowing near too much of your crew. But you can shove him down your opponents throat just as a way to get the ball of a player then wait for them to try to get it back ready to blow up 🙂 Failing that you can use him as a ball retriever as you don’t need much to get a Tackle off and then use Long Bomb to get a free pass off thanks to Launch Control.

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