Off to my first Guild Ball tournament this weekend (yesterday actually but we are splitting hairs). So with all these sorts of things thought I would do a rundown of what I picked to take with me.

Obviously I will be taking my Butchers which locks in both Ox and Princess for the time being, until we get more of season 2. As I have to bring 8 players in total that leaves me with 6 more choices.

First up I am going to be taking the standard set of Butchers currently, so Boar, Shank, Boiler and Brisket.

That gives me some speed, some ball playing abilities and as is right plenty of pain in Boar and Boiler. Now I decided not to take Meathook, as I am not sure I can get enough Bleed around the table for her to be terrifying (sure she will come into her own in season 2 πŸ˜‰ ).

This leaves me 2 places for Union players to come in after some playing around with some ideas I dropped Minx early leaving me with Gutter, Decimate and Rage. After taking a kicking by the range heavy Engineers, I came to the realisation I need even more range OR some way of dealing with knockdown more.

I believe other conditions I can deal with due to amount of MPs I can generate once I get my teeth into the opposition.

Now Rage would have been fun for some more crazy charges alongside Boar but in the end I have decided to leave that for another day. So that leaves me with Gutter and Decimate, now I know there is many a Union player (Kev) complaining that Gutter and her scythe play is very powerful in Butchers but that is a side thing for me. I want her for the harpoon, as I think it will help get those hard to reach players into my bubble of death easier. It also in theory lets me worry less about being slowed down by the opposition (looking at you Shark).

While Decimate helps me deal with ARM alongside Boiler and Ox when needed, but also the extra Jog to a friendly model means in theory I can keep my team moving if I am suffering from a lot of Knockdown. It also makes Boar pretty scary(ier) as he could go last in the turn and be 10” away come the end of it, ready for a charge next turn. I think the 2 INF cost is worth it with someone like Boar but I also need to consider Brisket as well having her more or less disappear in the distance with a sprint followed by a Jog is pretty scary if she has the ball.

Now the plan is to run straight butchers were I can as they usually don’t do me bad, but I need to be conscious that I may need that pull or extra speed against certain opponents. Plus the idea of a list with nearly all melee range 2” sounds fun πŸ˜‰

Aims for the tournament as always is at least 1 win and a positive VP difference, so lets see what I manage, report next week.

In other news it looks like I am picking up some Brewers as well. I don’t have a problem I swear!

Games This Week

This week I managed to get a game in with Mr Panzer and as it was a Nythera game it was Guild VS Gremlins. It was Ophelia vs Sonnia and in the end I came out with a 9-1 win, which was pretty brutal.

The Ophelia, Old Cranky and Lenny package is absolute filth! In the end she accounted for Sam Hopkins, Sonnia and lots of damage on Grandma and Franc. Not seen that sort of damage since Panzer used Peredita against my Von Schill 😦

We are also gearing up for Vassal Campaign as well which should be good fun.


Dont forget your chance to win that Alchemist Guild Ball team is still on.

Hobby This Week

Resisting the urge to do any other painting other than BCB lists just to get it them done so the current to do is 1 warcaster, 3 heavies, 1 unit, 2 solos and 2 unit leaders to go…What this means is 1 list is done and ready with one more to go..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

me know, as always see you hopefully next week.

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