Netting the Fishermen – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Netting the Fishermen series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

This could probably be the smallest of the final team talk posts, as the Fishermen don’t bring a lot of interdependencies unlike other teams.

What they do bring is a lot of movement effects, be it the many pushes or dodges they have via the playbooks or plays. But with Shark as captain they also bring some movement debuff to the enemy, this compounds the insane speed they have as a team.

Which means they are the kings of keep away they can literally get hold of the ball and you will never see them again. The majority of the team can stay out of trouble for the whole game while your opponent chases shadows.

They also bring a lot of 2” melee reach which is in itself powerful as you can engage without being engaged yourself a lot of the time. Which helps with the momentum building outside of passing/scoring as you may find that against any team with lots conditions you are going to struggle to keep enough momentum up to remove it. Admittedly you can take it on the chin usually but like Butchers, knockdown hurts Fishermen a lot (although in a different way) as you can’t use your significant speed when on the floor.

As with all teams Shark is the centre of the things the Fishermen need to do. He hands out extra speed to buff either the slow members of the team (Kraken/Jac) or just make the fast ones stupid fast. While all the time handing out some movement debuff as well.

Meanwhile Kraken and Jac are pushing and pulling enemies all over the pitch and Greyscales is just being annoying to whoever he can.

Siren and Angel are the only models that may need to be around others as the buffs they receive for being near Shark/Salt/Kraken are all pretty powerful so worthwhile sticky to their friends at least before they go running off.

But overall the Fishermen are self-reliant on themselves and their passing game to get those goals for the win as they are not going to be running an attrition game.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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