Netting the Fishermen – Jac

Last one of the Netting the Fishermen posts and its time for Jac.


He moves pretty averagingly (which means slower than most Fishermen) his TAC and INF stats are average, but his DEF is pretty low compared to others but he does hae ARM. His KICK is very good like the other Fishermen.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Any damage from plays/playbook is reduced by 1. This makes him reliable to take a hit on top of his ARM.

Resolute – He gets some bonus TAC when making a counter-attack, as he has the highest chance of being in the thick of it (more than other Fishermen) having this can be pretty strong.

Get over here (Salt) – Lets him pull Salt towards him which is nice especially if it looks like Salt may get squished.

Heroic Play

Trident Tested – Is a 3” pulse, that all enemy models in the pulse are pushed 4” away from Jac which means if you place him right you can clear a big path anywhere on the table. Also means you can push things out and then charge in if you wish.


He has access to a lot of pushes (all of them momentous gaining). He is as good as the other Fishermen at damage dealing and he has access to Knockdown and a tackle.


Ramming Speed – Costs 1 INF, only once a turn but when this model makes an advance then if he touches an enemy model they get pushed directly away move him in a zigzag could really pinball off a lot of models. Spreading out a team, very nasty against those teams that rely on bubbles of abilities.

Goad – Costs 1 INF, can only be used once a turn but it makes him a great way of shutting down models. Target something big and nasty (with low DEF) and then walk out of threat range. The model in question still needs to move towards Jac, so you can pull a threat completely out of an enemies plan.


He is the Fishermens construction worker, he comes in and clears the path to the goal. Admittedly it’s not done via damage but he can clear out a sizeable hole for even Kraken to fit through. He is pretty hard to shift with ARM and Tough hide and with Goad he needs it as he will be attracting some pain on purpose really. Before going crazy with the pushes.

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