Netting the Fishermen – Siren

Can you hear the call of the sea? No?! Well tough it’s another Netting the Fishermen and this time its Siren.


She is fast very fast, which is always good and something we see through all Fishermen. Her KICK is also very good on par with Greyscales which means she is just another goal threat. Her DEF is average but like Angel she has ways it can be boosted. She has no ARM and average INF. What is odd is how low her TAC is, we are talking mascot low here, she is not going to be in combat if you can help it.

Character Traits

Beautiful – Whenever she is targeted by a character play the range is reduced by 5”. This is huge as it means the majority of such plays wont reach her as they wont be close enough.

Charmed (male) – If she is being targeted by a male then she gains a boost to her DEF which pushes her up to the hard to hit area.

Protected (Kraken) – When near Kraken she gets some ARM which is always welcome.


Obviously with a small TAC means a small playbook but in it she does have a Tackle and a momentous dodge as well which is always nice to have.


Lure – Costs 2 INF, Can only be done once a turn but allows you to push enemy model its base movement towards Siren. Another level to the movement plays that the Fishermen can do.

Seduced – Costs 3 INF or 2 Guild Ball (3 hits), The target model takes a pass or attack action without spending INF. This can be incredibly powerful as it allows you to get the ball without getting engaged but also lets you disrupt enemy plans by say attacking their team-mate and knocking them down for instance.


Like all Fishermen she is a goal threat with high movement and KICK stats. She also brings 2 effective ways to move enemy models around. Or better yet get the ball off them without getting into combat which is very powerful if INF costly, unless you get her into engagement which may not be best idea unless Kraken is nearby and the enemy is a male.

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