Netting the Fishermen – Salt

Next up on Netting the Fishermen is the cuddly Mascot Salt.


As fast as the rest of the team so he can keep up with little fuss. However then his stats are as expected for an Otter on a sports field. Low TAC and KICK but he is pretty slippery with high DEF and no ARM. He does bring some INF with him but like all mascots it isn’t much.

Character Traits

Love Creature – Seen on other mascots which means you hit the otter you annoy the rest of the team. +1TAC is nothing to sniff at if it happens early in the turn!


Only a small one but one that is pretty handy if you are short of momentum as both hit columns will generate MPs. He also has access to a Tackle and he can do some damage although not worth mentioning really..


Where’d they go – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), Lets you take a 4” dodge once per turn. This helps keep salt out of trouble and in a place you can use him best.


You need a mascot and he is good at keeping out of trouble or where you need him (near Angel usually). It can be tempted to thrown him into combat as any hits will generate MP which is always welcome.

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