Netting the Fishermen – Shark

Welcome to the next team in my team talk series, I didn’t want to do them as they smell and this is no way in me trying to dodge the fact I may be picking them up…..

Anyway to Netting the Fishermen and as always the Captain first, the big (dog)fish Shark.


You will see a theme with the Fishies that Shark starts, he is fast very fast! It will not take long for him to get around the board. His TAC is reasonable for a captain, while is DEF is average but he does come with some ARM as well. His INF is also pretty standard for a captain, but his KICK wow now that is some impressive stats, this guy is a goal machine! With a goal threat range of 17” he is not to be messed with. While also not being big on combat a threat of 11” is still pretty handy as well should you need to get the ball.

Character Traits

Light Footed – Shark ignores movement penalty for moving through rough ground. So the terrain is never gong to slow the man down!

Legendary Play

Caught in a Net – Is a 8” pulse that reduces all enemy movement by 4”. This is huge as the Fishermen are all so fast, catching a lot of the enemy in this they are not going to be able to do much about the speed you can bring for the rest of the team.


A mix bag of a playbook from Shark really, 2/3 of the results will generate Momentum which is always good. Even better is his Guild Ball choices are all MP generating as well.

While access to knock down is always powerful for even more shutting down of models on top of the move reduction he offers. While a tackle is great as well he needs the ball and he can at least remove himself from situations with plenty of dodge/push possibilities (half the hit columns grant some movement this way)


Quick Foot – Costs 2 INF, grants the target model +2 movement which in Fishermen let’s be honest is making fast players into the Flash!

Gut & String – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), Enemy targeted loses -4” movement and also lowers their DEF. This can really hurt any player in the game and if compounded with the Legendary play nearly every single player in the game will be static or close as doesn’t make a difference. ERRATA – As it is now only on the Playbook and now range ‘P’ means that he cant do this to a whole team but with his pushes still makes it very powerful.

Tidal Surge – Costs 3 or 2 Guild balls (6 hits), target model is pushed (a dodge) 4” in any direction. It can only be used once per turn. Again it just adds to the movement that Fishermen have but you won’t be seeing it too often unless Shark charges as it is expensive and via the playbook needs a lot of hits. However if you need to move someone out-of-the-way possibly the easiest way to do it.


He is one of your major goal scoring threats but he is also someone who wants to be near the enemy so he can mess with their ability to move and so stop them getting near your ball handlers or just stopping them getting anywhere near your players or goal. Unlike some of the other team members he can take a bit of a hit but don’t expect him to stay around too long. He is a major debuffer to movement which will affect nearly every team in the game, with pushes/dodges being the ony reliable movement left on his Legendary play turn.

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2 thoughts on “Netting the Fishermen – Shark

  1. Reblogged this on talesfromthemancave and commented:
    Docbungle adds his thoughts to Shark, the captain fantastic of the Fishermen team for Steamforged Games Guildball. Having played this game and this guy in particular I can see exactly where he is coming from on every point! Its a great summary of what Shark brings to your Team.

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