Managed to get 3 games in this :O

First up I have started a campaign (with tweaks as there are only 3 of us) to tie in with the Nythera worldwide stuff.

I took a lose but at 35 points, having 2 strong henchmen plus some summoning is very powerful perhaps this will level out as we grow but I predict some hard times for my gremlins. On the flipside I did manage not to take too many injuries and got critical strike skill for MacTavish..

Second game I decided to try out Seamus who managed to run out winner 10-9 against Yan Lo very brutal game. I have to say I really enjoyed the Irishmen and his jumping around plus the Belles are just brutal. I also tried Sloth as well and he is a great tarpit I ate through so many AP of my opponents with his slow bubble and hand depletion he offers alongside the belles. Would definitely consider him again with Seamus.

Final game was me running Wong for only the second time against a Collette crew taken by Adrian (first time). Have to say although I came out 10-6 winner it was looking like a draw until turn 4. I can see Collette being very scary but from this game she needs something big and nasty in her list to distract the opponents stuff. Sammy did get to create a stuffed piglet for the first time though πŸ™‚

I still like the idea of Gracie/Old Major in the list to saddle Wong around more zapping is needed..


Is now live so make sure you donate for a chance to win that Alchemist Guild Ball team πŸ™‚

WAAC T-Shirts

Its pay weekend so why not help out WAAC with your very own T-Shirts from here: WAAC T-SHIRT

Hobby This Week

I have Decimate and Gutter for my union extras for the Butchers and I have 2 weeks to get them done for the tournament. Time to kick it up a gear!!

Plus I have finally started painting BCB list stuff :O

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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