State of the Union – Rage

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rage


Pretty standard MOV, DEF and KICK stats. Slightly better TAC than most but 0 ARM and a measly 1/1 INF. WTF???? Something dodgy going on here that must be a miss-print. He has no ARM you’ve got to be a little careful with him. Looks like a bit of a glass cannon but with only able to allocate him 1 INF he better hit like a freaking train.

Character Traits

Maverick – This model cannot be affected by other friendly plays or character traits. Both a blessing and a curse. So he cannot benefit from Blackheart or Coins buffs but also means isn’t affected by things such as Gutters Scything Blow (he is just really good at skipping) or Fangtooth’s foul odour (he loves a good Camembert so Fangtooth smells like clean laundry compared to his favourite snacks). This means you can happily sit him next to both without worrying about the negative consequences.

Berzerk – If Rage damages a model, he get’s another attack for free! Lovely jubbly. This has been clarified by the Steamforged rules team that the extra free attack doesn’t have to be against the original target or even straight away. For example he can damage someone, then move and attack someone else with his free attack.

Furious – He can charge for free! For free!!! This does however explain why his INF is 1/1. But you could potentially say he gets 2 free INF when able to charge. And then another 1 free INF for doing damage. I could go on!

Crucial Artery – When damaged by Rage he also makes you BLEED. Just because potentially 4 attacks isn’t enough. It’s a shame bleed doesn’t stack!


Access to T and KD on 3 hits and the Concussion character play on 5 and 6. But this guy is all about the DMG. Nearly every damage result selected gives you a momentum so don’t often look much further than that.


Tooled Up – Friendly model gets +1 DMG but can only be used once per turn. The odd occasion where Rage isn’t hitting stuff he can make someone else better. Or more than likely just sit there cleaning blood off his knife and puffing on his cigar. Is there anything more satisfying in life? If there is I haven’t found it yet…..

Concussion – Target enemy model loses 1 INF. Situational but could perhaps come in handy when targeting someone who has not activated yet and you are worried about them putting the beat down back on Rage. Completely useless if you are hitting someone who has already activated. But honestly. With Rage. JUST DO DAMAGE. Free attack….


He gives out pain. Full stop. Leave him alone at your peril. Your opponent has to deal with him otherwise he most certainly will deal with them. Shame he only has a 1″ melee letting the side down. Someone needs to buy this guy a bigger knife! You call that a knife…..THIS is a knife! Season 2 spoiler perhaps 😛 Finally he is INF efficient and although maybe a bit one dimensional that frees your mind up to think about your other players. Rage does what Rage does best, just point him in the right direction and remove the muzzle.

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