State of the Union – Avarisse & Greede

Two for the price of one. The big lumbering idiot is coming up first.

Pretty standard stats for a big guy. Average walk, decent TAC of 6, dreadfully in-accurate KICK but not a bad distance, 3+ DEF making him easier to hit than others in the Guild and no ARM. Fairly standard INF generation (a bit on the low side), and on a 40mm base so some LOS blocking opportunities. So with Fangtooth this makes a 2nd 40mm base guy you could select for the Union.

Character Traits

Touch Hide – Such thick skin this guy doesn’t feel much pain. As such reduce damage from plays and playbook damage results by -1.

Detach [Greede] – During the maintenance phase you can but Greede into base contact. If Avarisse had the ball at the time you can give it to Greede. Hmmm interesting. Done before allocating INF so Greede would be included in INF generation and allocation.

Contract – This covers both of them, in that when one activates the other activates simultaneously. Allows for some interesting choices and it is worth really planning how you are going to use the pair of them.

Many Hands Make Light Work (Greede) – A great ability, bsiaclly if Greede is attached (so not taken out) then every result that the Big A gets on the his Playbook also counts as having a Tackle as well. Makes him a great getter of the ball for the team.

5 columns on his playbook with momentous results on 1, 2, 4 and 5 hits. Easy access to KD as you would expect, can T fairly well for a big guy but looks mainly geared towards pushing people around and singling them out for others to hit. Top end of his playbook generates some nice DMG, pushes and momentum so this is where you really want to be at with him.
Singled Out – 1 Guild Ball (1 hit). Only one character play as his limited mental capacity would struggle to remember any more. So with just 1 hit needed you can pretty much get this off every time he attacks. Friendly models gain +2 TAC against the target. So basically Avarisse will hold the enemy player up for your other players to pile in and smack them.
He’s only got little legs but a lovely harness. The brains of the operation. Reminds me a bit of Krang from TMNT (google it if you don’t know the reference).

Pretty slow, but he only has little legs so that is as expected. Great TAC and scary KICK at with a 4/6″ KICK stat. DEF 5+ doesn’t make him the easiest to hit but with no ARM and low wounds if he does get hit he is going down very quickly. Against some teams like the Butchers maybe even in just one hit. Not great. So need to be really careful with him, his INF is on bar with Rage and Boar but he has a work around.

Character Traits
Benched – Can’t start him on the pitch and doesn’t count towards your max player allowance. So only way to get him on the pitch is through Avarisse’s detach ability. But can be done at the start of the game in the first Maintenance phase if you are that way inclined.
Reattach [Avarisse] – During their activation you can reattach Greede to the safety of Avarisse’s arms again and 2 becomes 1. IF Greede managed to have the ball then the ball is passed to Avarisse.

In Sync [Avarisse] – While near the Big A then Greede can spend the INF on him as if his own this does mean the little guy can throw a lot of damage around in the right situations.


A huge playbook for such a little man. But if you also throw in Avarisse’s singled out ability and gang outs Greede could potentially be rolling 10 dice for each attack. His playbook is full of Momentum  and nearly all of it damage. He does have access to some dodges (as well as his plays) but these don’t generate momentum. He does have a monetuous tackle but he needs help to get there.

Where’d They Go? – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (5 hits!). This model may make a 4″ dodge. Decent for getting him nipping about and dodging past enemy players. But 5 hits needed so likely that he will need to go crazy first.
Rabid Animal – 2 Guild Balls (8 hits) – Target enemy model suffers -4/-4 MOV and is poisoned. Again only accessible through him going crazy and reducing him down to 1 wound. Seems a bit “crazy” and not sure this result is worth it. As it will be targeting the player stood next to you all they will then be left to do is hit Greede. Which isn’t really what you want them to do when he only has 1 wound! Unless you can then get off Where’d he go? But even then Rabid Animal probably won’t have slowed them down enough to prevent any repercussions.

These guys are a scary prospect with the right set up they can bring the pain with loads of damage from Greede especially if he has had a boost from the rest of the team. The little guy can hit like a butcher which is scary!!

They also make a decent goal threat as no-one is safe from them getting the ball. With Greede off the table the potential to get the ball is impressive on top of the KICK that Greede has these guys are great at goals.


When to expose Greede is going to be a tough challenge as he is very squishy and is easy VP for you opponent but they have greater threat when separate so knowing when to have the little guy out is going to take practice!!

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2 thoughts on “State of the Union – Avarisse & Greede

  1. Really enjoying these articles and have printed out the minis after being inspired. Do you think you could do a post that just compiles the links to all your Guild/player articles to date (ideally in a tree format)?

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