State of the Union – Decimate

The clue is in the name. We got ourselves another killer.
Another fast model the Union have access to with a top end charge giving an 10″ threat range. High TAC means should be pretty decent in a fight and standard DEF and ARM 1 gives her a pretty solid looking stat line. Also with a fairly decent KICK stat for a killer so can also play the ball around for a change of pace.
Character Traits
Anatomical Precision – Like Gutter she is pretty good at taking on targets with decent ARM as this ability allows her to ignore 1 point of ARM. Makes those rock hard Masons a little easier to hit.
With momentous results on all of her first 4 hits she should be bagging you decent amounts of momentum each turn. With easy access to DMG, dodges and tackles all generating momentum she really likes to be up in your face. When combined with the teams buffs she really starts to become a scary prospect.
Second Wind – 2 INF, 4″. This ability is brilliant. Target friendly model may make a jog at the end of their activation. Because the players in the Union are not fast enough already…..may only be used once per turn but can be used on herself. This really means a player in your team can cover a huge distance. For example Decimate herself 9″ sprint then a 6″ jog at the end can really set her up in a dangerous position for the following turn. Or given to a player about to score it gives a great way of repositioning them right back into the action to go again next turn.
Thousand Cuts – 3 INF or 2 Guild Balls (6 hits), RNG 6″. Target suffers -2 DEF and 1 DMG. Fantastic way of making that high DEF opponent that much easier to hit. Activated through the playbook means you not having to roll to hit your target with Thousand Cuts, especially as you can use it to target another enemy model within 6″. So bounce Decimate off that DEF 2+ enemy model within 6″ of your real target and then watch your opponent squirm when you Thousand Cut their DEF 5+ team mate without actually having to roll to hit against them directly. The other option is to roll 3 dice for it to go off without going through the playbook which is better than most plays if a little INF heavy.
Very damage focussed, but fast and can play the ball if needed as well. So a very good all rounder and one of the most versatile players in the Union side. Can also buff other team mates giving them extra movement and debuff opponents for a better chance of success. So a jack of all trades but amazingly a master of a few as well. But what is with that moustache? Unusual for a lady.
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