Finally managed to get a game in using a Ulix summoning list I wanted to try out. In short I created a Warpig and 3 piglets turn 1 🙂

However this was against a Jack Daw crew with access to Lures and also that horrible Hanged attack action. This meant it was a pretty hard match up even with the out-activation, I ended up losing 10-8.

I only had one big pig to start with in this list and I feel perhaps it is better to start with more and bring the piglets in rather than use piglets to bring in the warpigs.

He certainly has uses does Ulix and I look forward to playing him again.

In another game (this time on Vassal) I managed to get a win with Zorida, she is quickly becoming my go to for that strategy lots of 1ap charges and the voodoo doll helping to paralyse things to control activations.

Gremlin of the Match had to be Burt though, not only did he one shot Nino, he also killed Fransisco and took Perdita down to 5 wounds. Admittedly there was poor cards from my opponent and Zorida did some obeying it was still pretty spectacular.

On the other side a Whiskey golem, rooster rider tag team dealt with Santiago, a Hunter and a death marshall again first time the Golem has come into his own really. While Sammy with Animal Shape dealt with breakthrough and entourage all on her own. Admittedly I didn’t actually use anything on her card and I should have done but it is so easy to score those 2 schemes with Animal Shape on the Board..

I have also been having thoughts about Perdita but they should pass in time. But for the time being I need to consider who to add to my Butchers team as after the kicking I got from Engineers and a tournament coming up in September I really need to think about rounding them out a little. Probably with union players as I think Meathook will be a season 2 player for me.

WAAC T-Shirts

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Privateer Press Rules FREE

Wow did not see this coming, but PP have made Prime and Primal download books free for one and all. After seeing GW have free AoS rules, this is a step up with the actual books free.

This is immense for trying to get people into the game and I applaud PP for doing it. Suppose the only thing left to say is wild rumours of MK2.5/3 coming are surely round the corner..

Nythera comes

Wyrd are also doing a worldwide event between September and December this year to decide next years Nightmare edition models (and freebie model). And also have bragging rights for the winning faction *cough* Gremlins *cough* sounds like it could be a lot of fun to do alongside a campagin..

GenCon Watch

Still waiting on my Gremlins, but they have been dispatched that is all..

Hobby This Week

STILL painting my Butchers but I am getting close to having them done 🙂 well minus some fun with Uhu! as we all enjoy playing with stringy blood MUWAHAHAHA.

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2 thoughts on “Beared-itorial

  1. I was amazed, with the glut of new Grem boxes, that my wife didn’t grab a single one of them. We’re still drowning in new ish, though–she got Colette and Kaeris, I’ve got Hamelin and Jack Daw. Glad to see a discussion of Ulix, because I love his gameplay; I hadn’t figured that the Hanged would affect him that badly, though, because I thought you had ways to get multiple piglets into play and do a sort of hard-hitting Hamelin approach.

    1. His summoning doesn’t need markers like ressers BUT it does take wounds to do it. Either his own or the pigs. Even his healing bubble hurts himself. Now this is mitigated with Lenny around but if you are not careful you can really drain your own wounds. Then obviously Hanged hurt high wound models but the condition not to be healed is the kicker.

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