State of the Union – Fangtooth

He’s fat, he’s round, he bounces on the ground. It’s FANGTOOTH. You probably smelt it before I even wrote this though. If anyone is in dire need of a bath, it’s this guy.
Pretty slow which is to be expected from such a mountain of a chap and being the big guy in the team no surprise that he is pretty easy to hit with a low DEF. Not a great KICK and ARM 1 is also as expected when looking at this mobility challenged monstrosity. Decent TAC means he should be able to get a few hits but a pretty pathetic INF generation means he doesn’t add much into the INF pool for the team. Decent at blocking LOS with his 40mm base but a 1″ melee leaves a little to be desired. With 29 wounds though he should be able to go a few rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson if needed. And what’s under that mask???
Character Traits
Foul Odour [3″ Aura] – This guy stinks. I mean really stinks, dead cat rotting stinks. Not seen a bar of soap in like FOREVER stinks. Just no, gag worthy stinky. But at least Rage doesn’t seem to mind. As such the open ground within this aura is treated as rough ground. Fair enough. Other players are probably spending too much time swatting all those flies. Like a giant turd…..let’s move on.
Gluttonous Mass – Every turn he gets to ignore the first hit by an enemy Attack or
Character Play (except when advancing so no cheeky ignoring parting blows). This makes an already hard to take out model even harder to take out. On top of meaning a INF sponge as you will need to spend 1 before anything will stick to him regardless of what else is happening. Easy to get round but you still have to get round it.
Heroic Play
Fangtooth Unleashed [4″ pulse] – All friendly models within the pulse immediately suffer 5 DMG. But then Fangtooth gets a +2/+2 boost to his MOV and +1 DMG to character plays that cause DMG and playbook DMG results. So Fangtooth Unleased and the Unmasking (coming up later) seem like they will work well together. No wonder Fangtooth never gets invited to birthday parties, that one time a few years ago when he had a little too much vino tinto. Once seen never unseen. Although decent dance moves for a big guy I’ll give him that. If you’re going for this heroic play make sure he has no “friends” near him first (except best buddy Rage of course, he loves the stink, can’t get enough of it).
Momentous results on the first 4 hits means he should be generating a decent amount of momentum when attacking. Easy access to KD and DMG makes it pretty clear what he is the team for. If your opponent gets too close, Fangtooth can lay the smacketh down. And access to his character plays on 2 and 4 hits make him pretty likely to get these off once or twice a game. Can T on 5 hits but with KD on 1 hit it is unlikely any opponent close enough with the ball will be standing up for long.
Blood – 1 Guild Ball (2 hits). Target suffers the bleed condition. So no initial damage but some during the next maintenance phase. Not great against teams with lots of momentum generation or condition removal as unlikely to be staying on until the end of the turn. Unless you do it at the end of the turn of course.
The Unmasking – I did warn you there was something nasty under that mask. 2 Guild Balls (4 hits), Pulse 3″. All other models within the pulse suffer 4″ push directly away and 3 DMG. Increased to 4 DMG if you manage to remember to do Fangtooth Unleashed first. Again great when he is out on his own but not such a good idea if he has any friendlies nearby. My advice, stay the fook away.
Easy access to KD and momentum but in my experience probably more likely to act as a momentum vending machine for your opponent. Can be useful as a bit of a goal keeper KD’ing anyone that gets close but difficult model to master due to his Foul Odour, Fangtooth Unleashed and The Unmasking also effecting friendlies making positioning key. Can lock down large areas of the board but to be honest tends to spend most of the game being avoided by your opponent. With his lack of speed he spends most turns playing catch up, with the main areas of play pretty much passing him by. He does have some merit double teaming with Rage however who due to Maverick ignores all of the negative abilities this human dustbin has to offer. Give him a go, I think he is like Marmite for people. You either love him or you hate him.
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