State of the Union – Mist

Next up is Mist. Hey Where’d He Go???

Again another fast player the Union have access to. Decent KICK which is what you would expect for a striker, average INF and a low TAC of 4 means fighting probably isn’t his shtick. Pretty good DEF of 5+ which is good as 0 ARM….doesn’t look like he will last long under a heavy barrage but with a good defence and a lot of mobility hopefully he won’t be getting tied down too easily. And there is that 2″ melee range we all love so much.

Character Traits
Cover of Darkness – If Mist start an advance in cover he gains +2/+2 MOV taking him to 8″/10″. Nippy little bugger.
Skilled within Shadow – This model gains +2 TAC against enemy models benefiting from cover. So with the -1 Dice for cover the net effect is actually +1 TAC when targeting someone in cover. Not bad and nothing to be sniffed at. As the most likely use will be stealing the ball back with a T then every extra dice is a godsend.

Motivated [Solthecian] – While near a model with this country of orgin Mist gains Shadowlike. So a free dodge at the start of his activation. At the moment we wont get much work out of this but rumours new Union Captain will have this key word so expect to see more work come from this in the future.


Mist has 4 columns on his play book with each generating a momentous result. He is able to do a tiny bit of damage but the reason he will be in the team is to get possession of that ball and score some goals. So a tackle on 1 hit, a couple of dodges on 2 and 4 hits and dodge-push on 3 hits makes him absolutely perfect for the role.

Smoke Bomb – Costs 1 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″. Models within this area benefit from cover. This is essential to allow Mist to gain the full benefit from his Cover of Darkness and Skilled within Shadow character traits. He can either drop it on himself to gain benefits to MOV or drop it on an enemy to gain increased TAC.

Arcobatics – Costs 1 INF. This model may make a 2″ dodge. Can only be used once per turn. Great way of skipping past an opponents model or out of combat. Great way to add even more mobility on an otherwise very mobile player. Very tough for most players to keep up with him. Would give Usain Bolt a run for his money!


An out-and-out striker and a goal scoring machine. If it is goals you are after than this guy is the cream of the crop. Cover plays a huge part in taking him from pretty good to top tier. So if you focus your efforts on generating your own cover or if the board is set up towards the cover heavy end then he is going to excel. If you want a little more versatility then perhaps look elsewhere as he only does one thing. But doesn’t he do it oh so very well. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL LAZIO!!!!!!!!!

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