State of the Union – Minx

To Minx or not to Minx? That is the question.

Fast. Fast enough to even keep up with the Fishermen. Fair TAC and an average DEF, KICK and 1 ARM make her fairly standard across her stat line. Melee 1″ (BOOOO) and 2/2 INF rounds out her stats. Standard INF generation but only being able to allocate 2 means potentially unusual abilities coming up as we saw with Rage.

Character Traits
Furious – Like Rage able to charge for free. Suddenly makes the 2/2 INF a little clearer. This means potentially 3 attacks each turn if fully loaded.
Damaged Target – When she charges against a damaged target she gets an additional 2″ to her charge. That gives her a huge 11″ charge so 12″ threat range. Super sonic. That is only just beaten by a suped up Quick Foot Shark due to his 2″ melee.

Back to the Shadows – If Minx does damage during the turn then a free 4” dodge is yours at the end of the activation. Minx is certainly slippery and once that is hard to get. Also helps ensure that Furious can happen more often.

Hunter’s Prey – Nasty ability as Minx does damage then the enemy gets the Snared condition which really hurts when combined with Screeching Banshee. Even the hard to hit models are going to be wary near Minx.


Momentous results for all her damage on 2, 3 and 5 hits means her play-style encourages you to be a damage dealer. Access to T and both her plays (discussed below) means she has a range of options available from a decent dice roll.

Marked Target – May only be used once per turn. Friendly models get +0/+2 MOV when declaring a charge against the target model. Great to single out an enemy model who you want to put the smack down on making it that little bit easier for friendly models to get into charge range.

Screeching Banshee – 2 Guild Balls (5 hits). Target enemy models suffers -1 DEF and 2 DMG. Great for really making a target easier to take down or farm momentum off.


She is a damage dealer, not a huge one like Rage but she is no slouch. What makes her handy is the DEF debuff she brings thanks to Snared and Screeching Banshee.

So while not as INF efficient as Rage but she helps the rest of the team descend on one or two models like a pack of animals.

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