Been playing a lot with Hoffman recently and have to say I am enjoying playing with all the constructs. I think my big issue at the moment is I have to telegraph some of my plans. Oh look a fast and nimble Peacekeeper whatever could be happening next….

But I do think I can play any strategy ok with him and his bots. Which means I dont need to look at any of the dirty guild which is a good thing!!

Still waiting on GenCon order….means no new gremlins yet for me 😦 but I do have a plan for Mancha Roja. Bret Hart swining HBK with a cowering ref nearby because damit Bret didnt screw Bret πŸ˜‰

WAAC T-Shirts

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Hobby This Week

I am still painting my Butchers and they are at least progressing at the moment. At the moment I am 2-1 on the Vassal League and a kicking by the Engineers now means I have learnt I need to be more flexible with my team choices.

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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